Sunday, October 9, 2016

Autumn renewal: a recollection

Joyce Sasse - I was stressed, exhausted and feeling sorry for myself. The day was overfilled with meetings and details that needed attention. In between, I had to stop by our local Park to pick up a friend.

Near the Park entrance a magnificent display of autumn splendour catapulted my thoughts from WOE to WOW! Brilliant yellow aspens were framed by green fir, red kinnikinik and a royal blue sky. My anxiety melted. Despair changed to delight.

By the time I pulled up to my friend’s cottage, my better senses assumed control. I appreciated the invite to supper, and took time to enjoy the moment … Food for the body and food for the spirit.

The sun had set by the time the two of us left the Park, but the memory of the brilliance of that transforming moment repeatedly comes to mind through the cold days of winter … and the smoke shrouded days of August.

“Unto the hills do I left up my eyes” the Psalmist wrote. Out there he was reminded that his help comes from the Lord. Whether it be the beauty of wild prairie, the comfort of a mountain valley, or the exquisiteness of a garden, these gifts of the Creator are like drops of living water feeding parched spirits.

Each of us has some corner of creation where we can look on the face of God.

When we are overwhelmed by anxiety and sadness, and our spirits feel crushed, let us look to the hills and remember the Creator.

As we watch the autumn leaves fall like tears, let us not dwell on the emptiness, but remember that this is how the trees prepare for spring.

We, too, can learn to let go of our burdens so our wounds have opportunity to heal. This we can do knowing God so graciously cares for us.

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