Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kenney announces official PC leadership candidacy

Press release - Today Jason Kenney became the first official candidate for the Progressive Conservative leadership election, having been formally recognized by both the PC Leadership Election Committee and Elections Alberta.  “I am grateful for the enormous support for our campaign to unite Alberta. Our team of volunteers collected hundreds of signatures from every corner of Alberta within 72 hours because they want a united, free-enterprise alternative to the NDP in the next election. In fact, dozens of local small businesses even hosted nomination signing events for our campaign,” said Kenney.

Since the start of the PC leadership race only registered leadership candidates are able to accept donations. In order to become a registered candidate with the PC Party, a candidate must provide at least 500 PC member signatures from 5 regions of the province, and a $30,000 administration fee.

“Over the past few months volunteers have processed thousands of memberships purchased by Albertans who want to see unity between the PC and Wildrose parties. We started this campaign as a vehicle for ordinary, grassroots Albertans to have their say on unity. After just 12 weeks of talking with thousands of folks it’s more clear to me than ever that Albertans do not want a vote split leading to a disastrous second NDP term,” said Kenney.

“This summer’s Unity Tour allowed our campaign to build a strong organization across the province. We have volunteers and organizers in all 87 ridings, which is critical in a delegated leadership election such as this one,” said Kenney.

“I look forward to continuing to travel across the province in the months to come, sharing my vision of unity to get Alberta back on track and renew the Alberta Advantage.”

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