Sunday, October 30, 2016

Life is extraordinary

Shellie Byers - What is an ordinary life but complacency and ignorance? How can we strive for the mundane pursuit of comfort when a complex universe calls out to reach us? I think of the intricate structures in a million snowflakes falling to the ground. So small to the visible eye we miss the vastness of wonderment in each of their unique, individual designs. The same way we take for granted how unique each created person is to house our own identity with specific fingerprints, DNA, physical attributes and the contribution we make to the world.

How can we be fulfilled never expecting more than what everyone else desires? How can we rush through everyday of our lives and not stop to fathom the magnitude of the world we inhabit? When is the last time you put your bare feet into newly sprouted grass? The cool embrace of the earth penetrating your skin and the soft, delicate foliage of new life calming your core being. There is nothing simplistic in this childlike act at all. While you wiggle your toes and take in some sunlight the grass emits a frequency that vibrates a healing frequency into our bodies. That sunlight is feeding vitamin D through osmosis into your skin. The trees outside live in a symbiotic relationship with us sharing life. We expel carbon dioxide and the trees breathe it in to give us oxygen to breathe . A tree in itself is a thing of absolute beauty. A tree is symbolic of our very own lives. They are rooted in the ground so no wind can easily knock them over, they grow , they branch out , they produce flowers and seeds and fruit. Their leaves grow and die in an array of splendor in temporary seasons. Their skeletal remains remind us of the silence in our own mortality as we will one day shed our flesh to the earth becoming skeletal dust as well. 

So how can we take one second of our lives for granted? 

Why should I flood my thoughts with worries or strife? The flowers rise and bloom from the earth drinking in the provisions from heaven. The birds sing without ceasing in the merriment of their lives. A waterfall rushes and roars with a resounding voice forever, it's refractive water spraying a covenant rainbow. Living life is needed to truly be alive. It has to go beyond the beating of your heart, the blood in your veins and the breath that you breathe . All creation calls out reminding us we were created above all the complexities in its formation. We are molded from the miry clay in the image of God , there is nothing mundane nor ordinary conceived in that. So where is the evidence in your own life proving you honor how wonderfully made we really are? Are you following the status quo of the world or unraveling the mysteries of heaven?

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