Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is the foundation?

Chris Ney, Vertical Church - I was a framer not all that long ago, I would show up on the jobsite and get a set of blueprints and they would say we want this house to look exactly like to plans. I could not deviate even an inch or try and change it to how I thought it would work; I had to stick to the plans. Most of the time it would go great, we would build on the concrete poured before us and it would all be good until every once and a while the concrete guys would mess up and miss something or it would be out of square once by 3-1/2”, how do you build on this.

Then there was the house where we came in to start and the whole wall had fallen over because the guys doing the backfill were there to early and the wall wasn’t ready yet. It was not a pretty sight either time, you make plans and then they get changed and what you thought would be a good foundation ended up not what it was supposed to be. In the case of the was there was too much weight put on the wall before the concrete had time to form strong and with the one out of square it began right from the start, the footings were off and from there the foundation was off.

Too often in our lives this very same thing can happen, all of a sudden our best-laid plans were not made on a good foundation and the walls came crumbling in. We realized quickly that we rushed ahead and just tried to get something going without laying down the groundwork to make sure we were ready. Life in Christ can be the same, we can run ahead doing good, helping people and doing our best and still have times that it feels like something isn’t right or maybe the walls have caved in. It is in those times that has always hit me the hardest, that is when I realized that I was running ahead of the blueprint and trying to do it my way instead of looking at what God wants for me.

Then in our attempt to build up something that looks perfect, it falls and we think we are failures and then disappear from things like church and meeting with other people. We started to feel judged and that we are not good enough and soon the mask we put on isn’t enough, loved ones it never will be. That is what I love about following Jesus, there doesn’t need to be any masks, and there doesn’t need to be any people pretending to be perfect because none of us are. We are all messed up and without a good foundation we will all fall. The beauty is that we can have a good foundation; Jesus laid down His life so that we could be free in Him, so that He would become our firm foundation that is able to bare the weight, and is perfectly square. Jesus needs no fixing or cleaning by us He just wants to have a relationship with us. He calls us to confess He is Lord and believe that God raised Him from the grave and we will be in relationship with Him. Isn’t that awesome, the one who created everything wants to know you and be your foundation so that you no longer have to fake it, or pretend through life. You can be whom God created you to be when He is your foundation. Maybe today is that day.

If you are reading this and are looking for family I would like to invite you to join us any Sunday morning at 10:30 am @ Vertical Church 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd, it is a place to find family and where perfect people are not allowed. If you have been curious about who we are as a church the next 4 weeks are going to dive into that a lot deeper. It is a good time to be here in Pincher Creek and seeing what God is doing here.

You are Loved

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