Sunday, October 2, 2016

What would happen if we prayed?

Chris Ney  - There was a man named Elijah who had a couple of people around him that were horrible people, like the worst of the worst. They were leaders of a country and ruled harshly, Elijah tried to work with these people and tried to get them to change and listen but they would not, so what could he do. He could have got mad and moved away, or taken things into his own hands. He had every right to do that, but instead he decided to pray. He decided to have a conversation with God and ask God what he should do.

Elijah then with everything he had began to pray and ask for the rain to stop, and for three years it did, it never rained even once. You can imagine what happened to the crops and livestock with no rain. There was a drought and it was at that time that the bad people around him started turning from their ways and then Elijah prayed for rain and it rained. Crazy to think that a man just like any of us could have that kind of power to stop the rains from coming.

The truth is all of us that truly believe in Jesus have this same power in us, and God wants us to come to Him with our whole hearts and talk to Him. He is calling us to a relationship with Him. We have the choice to be like Elijah and go to God, and we also have the choice to take things into our own hands and do it ourselves. The results of that usually though are not good and really not what we wanted. In fact when we do it on our own we don’t make it better at all, just make it worse.

Many of us have had someone hurt us, physically, emotionally, mentally, and it is tough to get through. Truth be told that when we do it on our own all we really get is bitter and angry, which then usually leads to other problems like stress, illness, blood pressure, anxiety, and so much more. Here is the reality, we are not getting better when we stay bitter we only get worse, but if we want to get better we need to be a people who are praying for ourselves and for the things that God wants us to be praying for. Simply put loved ones you will either do one of two things; you will get better or you will get bitter depending on your choice about prayer. Which will you choose?

If you choose to stay bitter you have no one to blame but yourself, but if you choose to get better there is life out there, there is healing out there, there is joy.

Loved ones what will you choose?

Lets maybe start here:
  1. Confess – not casting blame on anyone, not looking at anyone else’s faults to justify your sin, just admit you are wrong before you and God alone 
  2. Adoration – give adoration to Jesus who is the one who died so you could have an open door to talk with God 
  3. Expect – Know that God will hear the prayers of a righteous person, you are only righteous because of the blood of Jesus, nothing in yourself, know He will answer you 
  4. Little Steps – don’t pray for giant leaps, but pray for little steps that are a part of a bigger journey and let God link the steps together 

This only comes with a relationship with Jesus, when you have confessed with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believed in your heart that God raised Him from the dead will you be in relationship with Jesus Rom 10:9-10.

If you are looking for family and a place to feel like home I would like to invite you to join our family, as long as you are not perfect you are welcome here at Vertical Church Sunday mornings at 10:30am

Little steps, one day at a time, you will get better and stop being bitter

You are Loved!

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