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Blood Tribe Chief and Council election to be held Nov. 22

Shellie Byers and Chris Davis - The Blood Tribe is heading to the polls for a Chief and Council election. An advance poll is being held in Calgary today November 15 at the Carriage House Inn, and election day is Tuesday November 22.  Polling will take place at the Kainai Multi-Purpose Centre in Stand Off, and the Sik-Ooh-Kotoki Friendship Centre in Lethbridge.  Five people are running for Chief and 115 candidates are competing for twelve councillor spots.

The nominations for the candidates for Chief and Council were held at the Blood Tribe Multi-Purpose Building in Standoff on November 1, according to Blood Tribe Elections 2016 Chief Electoral Officer Francis First Charger. Running for Chief are Roy Fox, Jordan Mathew Head, Wallace Mountain Horse, Christopher Shade, and Shannon Andrea Wells. All candidates must be a member of the Blood Tribe. Current Chief Charles Weaselhead isn’t seeking re-election after being elected to three terms and serving from 2004 to 2016.

A candidates forum was held Wednesday November 9 at Moses Lake Hall, at which several council candidates spoke.

In addition to the issues mentioned below were concerns for the homeless, developing a drug treatment center, productivity for seniors as a valuable asset to their communities, protecting the people and the land from abuse and misuse. An  overall spirit of inclusion and responsibility was repeated throughout the speeches. A common theme was that everyone needs to be involved to build up the community and resolve current issues. The people were encouraged to reach out to the Canadian government as well, because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had reached out with respect and the federal government is only a phone call away. Trudeau actually visited Standoff a few weeks ago for a meet and greet with the people.

Andrew Bullcalf, organizer and council candidate
Shellie Byers photos
Andrew Bullcalf - "I am representing the Christian community. We need to elect people who have inside knowledge of the administration and core issues.allot of money has been lost to mismanagement of funds. When I was on council between 2008 to 2012 we had to put a stop to corruption. I would like to make it clear my intention in running is not based on vengeance or ego. I'm running for transparency, compassion and honesty. Chief and Council have to let the people know what decisions are being made before they are executed. We have to involve you, the people. We are elected to serve you not to dictate where finances are being spent nor withhold how departments are being legislated. "

Joshua Curly Rider

Joshua Curly Rider -
"I see what people go through on a day to day basis . I see what our children are going through and our communities. Our leadership needs to see the housing issues and the children out late at night. Minors are buying drugs and alcohol.  As a leader we need to get involved in our community. Being invested to deal with the issues year round and not just as a platform during elections. We need to help our youth and community to live a better life."

Sharon Curly Rider
Sharon Curly Rider - "We need to be accountable to our Council and take back our communities. We need education and transportation. We are poisoning our grounds and fracking is contaminating our waters. We need to protect the water because it is our life . We have to have good leadership and communication , you need to have a voice. I hope to see an elders lodge in every community so we have a foundation .We need those elders as advisers and teachers guiding our people."

Carl Blackwater

Carl Blackwater 
- "We need development for a place of commerce. Fuel is becoming an issue . We need to invest in economic resources like biomass. We need to incorporate recycling solutions such as converting used oil and cow manure into fuel. We need to create a sustainability program, our landfill is contaminating the earth. We could recycle all waste using incinerators to create electricity. We need to watch our carbon imprint. We need to reconnect to nature to cleanse our spirits and use it as a way to help people with addictions. "

115 candidates competing for 12 councillor spots:
(note, council members must be Blood Tribe members, so the names below reflect the name under each was registered as a Blood Tribe member rather than the different name some currently choose to go by.)
Cory Francis Beebe
Floyd Peter Big Head
Stanley Big Sorrel Horse
Leslie Bruce Big Swallow
Darryl Thomas Black Plume
Frankie Black Plume
Joshua Wayne Black Plume
Albert Black Water
Aloyuisius Black Water
Kyle Lonnie Blackwater
Arnold Bottle
Roseanna Marie Bottle
Raymond Henry Brewer
Dexter Daniel Bruised Head
Micheal Dean Bruised Head
Myles Michael Bruised Head
Nina Mary Buckskin
Andrew Bull Calf
Rita Calf
Gloria Loraine Chief Moon
Sean Jason Chief Moon
Vernon Joseph Jr. Chief Moon
Oscar Nelson Cotton
Roland Cotton
Mary Adelaide Creighton
Shirley Crop Eared Wolf
Calvin Floyd Cross Child
Justin James Cross Child
Kyla Deann Crow Spreads His Wings
Steven Gabrielle Crying Head
Joshua Edward Curly Rider
Marion Sharon Curly Rider
Robert Rex Davis
Andrew Kelvin Day Chief
Barney Larry Day Chief
Bella Day Chief
Caroline Day Chief
Darryl Grant Day Chief
Guy Joel Day Chief
Mike Day Chief
Sheldon Day Chief
Mickey Anthony Jr. Day Rider
Beth Ann Beatrice Daychief
Levena Devine
Myron Eagle Speaker
Dorothy Theresa First Rider
Rod Edward First Rider
Alex Fox
Derrick George Fox
Eugene Carlo Fox
Kendrick Anthony Woodrow Fox
Lambert Fox
Harly Gregory Frank
Michael Sean Frank
Jeffrey Ross Gladstone
Alex Harvey Andrew Good Striker
Sally Ann Good Striker
Geoffrey Healy
Ivan Murray Healy
Leslie Leonard Healy
Robert Frank Healy
Martin Heavy Head
Shawn Kelly Heavy Runner
Vanessa Jewel Heavy Runner
Terry Edward Ivins
Joanne Lemieux
Edward Shane Little Bear
Leanne Robin Little Bear
Nolan Ryan Little Bear
Thomas Little Bear
John Robert Manson
Edmond Many Bears
Ricky Louis Many Fingers
Anthony Many Fingers
Calvert Many Fingers
Kirby Dean Many Fingers
Wallace Many Fingers
William Scott Many Fingers
Dalbert Charles Mills
Daniel Craig Mistaken Chief
Duane Phillip Mistaken Chief
Dominc Alvin No Runner
Sylvia Old Shoes
Roger Prairie Chicken
Jacqueline Red Crow
William Camille Russell
James Henry Russell
Irwin Brent Scout
Sheryl Natalie Scout
Henry Shade
Justin Shade
Marie Shade
Arnold Shouting
Leon Anthony Soup
Roy Sugai
Adeline Sweetgrass
Blaine Ira Tail Feathers
Kelly Tail Feathers
Lance Allen Tail Feathers
Timothy Allen Tailfeathers
Jeffrey Tallow
Neal Anthony Thunder Chief
Ronnie Vern Thunder Chief
William Lucius Wadsworth
William Fredrick Weasel Fat
Charlotte Tracy Weasel Moccasin
Marcel Patrick Weaselhead
Melvin Wells
Robert Wells
Michelle Rea White Man Left
Franklyn White Quills
Teresa Mae White Quills- Knife
Calvin Williams
Allen Wolf Tail
Randolph Young Pine

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