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Mustangs hold 2016 awards banquet

2016 Pincher Creek Mustangs
Christian Davis - Pincher Creek's Mustangs Football organization held their year-end awards banquet on Saturday evening November 5 at Matthew Halton High School.  After an amazing potluck dinner Mustangs President Faith Zachar opened the 2016 awards ceremony, celebrating the players' achievements during the organization's 21st season.  Zachar began by giving roses to and acknowledging the efforts of to key organizers and administrators  Kim Lissel, Melissa Saulnier, Janelle Jorgensen, Erin VanEe. Colleen Hann, Kelly Nelson, and Michelle Duncan.

Zachar later explained that the Bantam Mustangs didn't have enough players this season to compete effectively in the Southern Alberta High School Football League (SAHSFL). She thanked Bantam Coach Travis Liscombe for managing to arrange five games anyway, the same number of games they would have played had they been in the league.  She also thanked PeeWee Coach Jeremy Nelson for the PeeWee's successful season. Peewee Coach Jeremy Nelson extolled the "amazing feeling" he's experienced as a coach and also praised the executive and support staff for their efforts.  Bantam Coach Travis Liscombe talked about the "year of surprises" the team had this season, from his appointment as head coach, to finding opportunities to play games, and to paying those games with a minimal bench.  "Something special happens when you have to play a game with 12 players"

Senior Mustangs Coach Wayne Alexander acknowledged the efforts of his coaching staff and assistants throughout the season, with special mention of trainer Bryan Lissel, who has been with the Mustangs for six years.  "It was a strange year of football for us, for all of us," said Alexander.  The team had only one win this season, their opening game against McCoy's Colts.  In addition there were a number of serious injuries.  "If winning is a criteria for success, it was a disappointing year. We had so much potential  and underachieved in the win column... but there wasn't a game that any of didn't think that we could win.  I believe in my six years here that this team had as much talent, maybe more, than any other teams I have coached."

Peewee Awards

Running Back/Receiver - Brody Walter
Most Improved - Denver Ayers

Offensive Lineman - Colton Kirkman

Defensive Lineman - Evan Malhi

Team Spirit - Coulson Stauffer

Heart - Justin VanEe

Rookie Of the Year - Shawn Hammond

Defensive Back/Line Backer - Nikolas Levesque

Defensive Star - Dustin Hungry Wolf

Offensive Star - Curtis Giesbrecht

MVP - Gareth Kaack

Bantam Awards

Defensive Star - JP Mosby
Receiver/Running Back - Sam Noel

Offensive Lineman - Gus Halibert

Defensive Lineman - Ty Anderson

Rookie of the Year - Justin Schoening

Team Spirit - Tanner Wallace

Defensive Back/Line Backer - Trent Metcalfe

Offensive Star - Tanner Wallace

Most Improved Player - Jaxon Hammond

Heart - Trent Metcalfe

MVP - Dillon Stevenson

Senior Awards

Lineman of the year - Austin Bruder

Most Dedicated - Beau Walter

Special Teams Player - Liam VanEe

Rookies of the Year - Nathan Baker and Devon Clarke

Most Improved Players - Tyson Malhi and TJ Metcalfe

Bruce "Hopalong" Kirby
"Galloping" Brandon Giesbrecht
Top Offensive Players - Brandon Giesbrecht and Bruce Kirby

Top Defensive Player - Matthew Duncan

Coaches Award - Brenden Lissel 

Team Spirit - Tyler Riviere
MVP - Tyler Riviere

Retiring Mustangs

14 Retiring (graduating) Mustangs this year were given a souvenir blue horseshoe:  Dylon Anderson, Shae Robertson, Colton Teneyche, Logan Kaack, Tyler Riviere, Craig Oliver, Bruce Kirby, Tyson Malhi, Levi Root, Brenden Lissel, John Walker, Austin Bruder, Matthew Duncan, Brandon Giesbrecht.

League Awards

Austin Bruder, Nathan Baker, Matthew Duncan, Tyler Riviere (Charleen Bruder photo)
Pincher Creek's All-Stars at the 2016 SAHSFL Awards
Offensive Line - Austin Bruder
Nathan Baker - Pincher Creek
Linebacker - Tyler Riviere, Pincher Creek
Matthew Duncan
Thane Buckingham, W.R. Myers (former Mustang)

Final home game of the season - Mustangs vs Drumheller
Mustang Football Family Special Award 

Adam Schoening (1995) and Justin Schoening (2016)

Adam Schoening was a member of the very first Mustangs team in 1995, and his son Justin was a member of the 2016 Bantam team. "There's one person that's been here 21 years," said Adam, before giving Mustangs President Faith Zachar a big hug.

Mustangs President Faith Zachar

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