Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stay alive through life

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings - You could be your worst enemy if the prospect of getting older is a fearful thought. We can live longer these days, but we need to ready ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

Look ahead well before retirement age. It is a time when you will step into a whole new phase of life. Make it an opportunity!

Keep yourself alert and keep fit. Develop a post-retirement work-plan.

Strong spiritual beliefs will help you move forward without being controlled by side-winds. Instead of focusing on your losses, think about how you can express gratitude (to others and to God).

As we get into additional years, we need to accept that we will probably have less than perfect health and will have to cope with pain. Pay attention to your diet and exercise. Forgive yourself when necessary, and be ready to learn from others.

Planning ahead includes accepting responsibility for when to stop driving, when to down-size, how to accept help from others….

Stay connected. Intentionally develop new friendships as you lose loved ones. Involve yourself by volunteering, by sharing stories from your experiences with life, and by caring about the well-being of those around you.

Don’t keep thinking you have to fulfil other people’s expectations. Do what is important to you.

“When I thought the world rested on my shoulders, God put things into perspective. When I lashed out at an unfair world, God calmed me down. When I drifted into harmful ways, God straightened me out …” (James Taylor)

We can celebrate God’s presence at each stage of our life-journey. We can acknowledge the Mystery that awaits us as we approach death. We can embrace the Presence that calms our fears. We can feel reassured that the love of God surrounds us as we pass through death to another way of being.

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