Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sturling Stake Bonspiel held at Pincher Creek Curling Club

Sturling Stakes Bonspiel competitors
Submitted photo
Toni Lucas - On Friday, November 19 the Pincher Creek Curling Club hosted 8 teams to a Sturling Stake Bonspiel.  The 16 participants took brooms to the ice.  Sturling is a style of curling that only requires 2 person teams and brings together stick, slide and wheelchair curlers on a level playing field.  This style of curling is opening the sport to anyone of any age or gender or physical ability. The rocks can be handled with a curling stick from a standing or sitting position (i.e. wheelchairs), or the usual slide delivery can be used, enabling everyone to participate competitively.  The Curling Club is excited to offer this relatively new twist to their beloved sport to the community.  The top two teams of the bonspiel were Team Reed with Rocky Reed and Mackenzie Reed, and Team Reed again with curlers Bob Reed and Debbie Reed.

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