Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Feather and Bullet

Irvin Provost (as read during Matthew Halton High School's 2016 Remembrance ceremony)

I swore allegiance to the queen to fight
Letting my hair fall in pieces to the ground
Bearing the queen’s will and might
I let my culture fade into the fight.

I look up to the sky and pray
Hoping for creator’s light to shine bright
The soils and blood that spill into the night
I grimace tightly as the bullets fly across the fields.

Again, I let my culture fade further into the war
Taking the lives of others
I silently pray for my enemies
They are not buffalo, I have to remind myself.

Picking up what strength I have left
I struggle with the pain and listen to the yells of others
Taking in consideration of who and what I am
I am aboriginal.

Still, as my fellow brothers fall to the ground
Their eyes shining and glowing in the light
I feel my culture beginning to wane
I grimace and carry on, bearing the pain.

Now the fields are lit dimly in the dawn
The cries of agony are gone
But the blood is stained across my hands
And endless visions and cries of war haunt me.

The queen’s will has left me and I’ve come home to my land
Many greet me and cheer—we all thank the creator
I too look into the sky and pray
Still the visions don my mind and weigh.

I am aboriginal—I don’t kill for the sake of it
I did so, I remind myself, to live in serenity and freeness
Who I am must remain and be passed to the children
A victory won a world where freedom is adored.

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