Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Parade of Lights, Moonlight Madness, and Hamper Scamper

Toni Lucas -  Pincher Creek's annual Parade of Lights and Moonlight Madness event was held on  on Friday, November 18.  The event had the good fortune of warm weather for this time of year with only a slight breeze to the appreciation of those who lined the streets waiting to see the floats go along the parade route.  Even though the parade was short the enthusiasm of the crowd could not be dimmed.  Santa Claus himself rode on the firetruck waving at the crowds.

One of the traditional events of the evening was the balloon drop at Ranchland Mall, and a new one was the Hamper Scamper held there as well. The balloon drop ran into technical difficulties when one of the bags of balloons did not release as planned to the disappointment of the crowd underneath. Many were hoping to have the ticket for a big winning item inside of a balloon they would claim. Deputy Fire Chief Pat Neumann came to the rescue by climbing a ladder and releasing the balloons to the cheering crowd below.

Deputy Fire Chief Pat Neumann releases the balloons
For the Hamper Scamper event you had to buy a raffle ticket, and those names drawn won the right to go to the next level and enter the Hamper Scamper.  This was a contest of shopping ability and was limited  to 10 contestants who had the right to go through the aisle of the Co-op grocery store at 8:30, just after the McMan and Rotary used the Hamper Scamper as a fundraiser for the Food Bank managed by McMan.  Food banks need donations all throughout the year but during the Christmas season there is additional stress on the system.

One raffle winner could not attend, so they donated their placement back to the organization.  Their placement was auctioned off at start of the event to Kyla Bruns who bid $110 for the ticket.  Then the ten contestants got a shopping cart and a grocery list, to fill as accurately as possible within a five minute time frame.

Some hilarity ensued as people had a mad scramble to obtain as many possible items out of the 30 items listed.  The event was cheered on by onlookers in the mall outside of the Co-op.  Once all the items were tallied, it was found there was a tie for third place.  The person who had the largest dollar value of the tie.  The winners were:

Hamper Scampet First Place: Christine Harrison

  1. Christine Harrison  9 items   $600 gift card
  2. Kyla Bruns           7 items    $400 gift card
  3. Betty Whipple        5 items  $300 gift card
All the other participants received a $100 gift card

Harrison was very happy to be awarded the $600 grand prize.  She said, "This was a lot of fun. I would definitely do this again!"

Pincher Creek Rotary President Dan Crawford and Mustangs matriarch Faith Zachar

Pincher Creek Rotary President Dan Crawford was happy to see such enthusiasm for the event and for the opportunity to forge a strong partnership with McMan Agency and the Co-op.  "We raised over $2,000 for the food bank, and helping people, that is what this is all about."

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