Sunday, December 11, 2016

Advent prayer

Joyce Sasse - As the extremities of cold envelope our lives, we pray for your Spirit, ever-loving God, to brighten our ways.

In our communities we are so aware of those who grieve, those who are fragile, those who are waiting for medical tests, test results and procedures. Show each of us how we can find ways to express our care and support. A phone call, a thoughtful gesture, a light chuckle can mean so much.

Especially we remember the care-givers, who are not only ready to respond to every emerging need, but must also anticipate unfolding possibilities. May we find ways to enrich their lives and help them find time to care for themselves.

As temperatures, wind chill and drifting snow threaten our landscape, we keep in our thoughts whose who must work within the extremes:

· Those with livestock and outdoor chores …

· The emergency workers and volunteers …

· Those maintaining our roads and equipment …

· Faithful neighbours with shovels and plows at the ready …

· The main-street businesses who are so dependent on customer support regardless the weather … These, and so many others, offer vital service within our community.

In this season of Advent we are reminded again, Ever Gracious God, of your love and care for all of Creation. That you should come to be one with us and among us … That you should confirm for us we are not alone! … Be not afraid! … Not only have you blessed us … but you can be a blessing through us.

Alleluliah and Amen!

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