Thursday, December 1, 2016

CheckStop Blitz throughout Alberta on Saturday

RCMP Alberta - The RCMP kicks off Impaired Driving Enforcement Month today by announcing plans for a CheckStop blitz on Saturday, December 3rd in local detachment areas and on major roadways across Alberta. The large scale operation will involve hundreds of “K” Division officers and Alberta Sheriff personnel working together as part of a Canada-wide RCMP National Day of Enforcement campaign aimed at taking impaired drivers off the road. Driver suspected of being impaired by alcohol and/or drugs will be subject to road-side sobriety tests that may result in immediate licence suspensions and/or criminal charges. 

“Having a CheckStop blitz in early December provides a very visible reminder that the RCMP, with the help of the Alberta Sheriffs, will be out on the roads throughout the holiday season on the lookout for impaired drivers,” said Inspector Steve Daley, Acting Officer-in-Charge of Alberta RCMP Traffic Services.

To date in 2016, the Alberta RCMP and Alberta Sheriff personnel have issued more than 1,600 roadside licence suspensions for impaired driving.

From January 1 through October 31st of this year, the Alberta RCMP have charged 3,836 adults and 44 young persons with impaired driving. Those charges include 11 adults charged with Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle Causing death and another 29 charged with Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle Causing Bodily Harm. These numbers are expected to rise upon conclusion of ongoing impaired driving investigations.

The CheckStops will run throughout Saturday and into Sunday morning. Some CheckStops will be mobile, and moving locations in order to cover as much of the province as possible. At some locations, municipal police officers will be working alongside the RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs.

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