Friday, December 23, 2016

Chinook Boys Basketball update for Dec. 2016

Dragons vs Hawks
Chris Davis -  Early into the 2016/17 season, Lundbreck's Livingstone Sabres are in first place in the Chinook Basketball League's standings, undefeated in four games.  Coalhurst's Trojans are in second with three wins and one loss (to the Sabres).  St. Michael's Dragons are currently in third place, undefeated in three games.  Matthew Halton's Hawks are still looking for a win after four games.

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Results so far (from

Kainai defeated J.T. Foster 75-69.
Sabres defeated the Hawks by a wide margin.
Coalhurst defeated Vulcan 70-48.
Dragons defeated Piikani by a wide margin.
Nobleford defeated Vulcan 64-53.
Coalhurst edged Piikani 82-80.
Dragons defeated Kainai 65-46.
Sabres defeated J.T. Foster by a wide margin.
CNP Panthers defeated Hawks by a wide margin.
Nobleford defeated Hawks 69-54.
Sabres defeated Coalhurst by a wide margin.
J.T. Foster defeated Panthers 59-48.
CHS defeated CCHS 62-38.
Sabres defeated Blades 65-43.
Dragons defeated Hawks 75-55.
Kainai defeated CCHS by a wide margin.

Dragons vs Hawks - Hawk Logan Kaack with the ball

Hawks struggle

It's too early in the season to count Matthew Halton's Hawks out, but they have a lot of work to do if they're going to turn it around. They've lost all four of their games so far this season, but they performed creditably against a very strong Dragons team earlier this week and also on December 12 against Nobleford (the two games I've seen so far). The Hawks reduced a huge deficit significantly in the second half of their game against the Dragons. When they're focused, unflustered, and playing as a team the young Hawks squad shines.

Hawks vs Blades
Hawks #10 Logan Kaack and #14 Ryan Plante have been the consistent top scorers for the team. Other top scorers have been Jack Mitchell, Hunter Austring, Craig Oliver, Jack Mitchell, and Deloy Mackenzie.

Mitchell Zoratti scoring for the Dragons vs Hawks
Fiery Dragons

St. Michael's Dragons are a top contender this season, winning all three of their games to date by convincing margins. I'm looking forward to seeing them play Livingstone's Sabres, scheduled for February 6 at the St. Michael's court.  Mitchell Zoratti has been the Dragons' top scorer in all three games to date. Other top scorers have been Michael Svab, Calvin Cooley, Tyler Gerber, and Taite Jessen.

"Wide margin" Sabres

Gee what a surprise, Livingstone's Sabres are once again the team to beat, top ranked to date in the Chinook league with four rock solid wins and no losses. Once this team wins a provincial banner they're loathe to return it. I haven't seen them play yet this season, sorry boys, but I'm sure looking forward to it. The biggest showdown of the season may be when they face St. Michael's Dragons in February. Top Sabres scorers so far this season have been Jonathan Erickson, Ty Anctil, Brock Gatzky, Brady Douglas, Chad Bousquet, and Justyn Connely-Engel.

Photos - Dragons, Hawks, and Blades:


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