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Chinook Girls Basketball update for Dec. 2016

Hawks vs Dragons
Chris Davis -  There are 10 teams in the Girls division of the Chinook Basketball League this season.  Most of the teams have played three or four games, so it's still early in the season and there's plenty of time for the standings to change.

 According to the league's standings, Coalhurst's Crusaders are currently in first place, undefeated with four wins.  Matthew Halton's Hawks are in second place, also undefeated in four games and just behind Coalhurst in points.  Kainai SV is in third place, undefeated after three games. Kainai is a very strong contender this season. St. Michael's Dragons are in fourth place with three wins and one loss.  County Central, Kainai JV, and Crowsnest Pass also each have a three win/one loss record.  This is turning out to be a very competitive season.

Click here for the Chinook Basketball League schedule.

Hawks #9 Lucy Gerrand throwing three-pointer for the win
Hawks vs Dragons

Epic game.

On December 19 fans got to see how closely matched the two Pincher Creek teams are, when Halton's Hawks (MHHS) came from behind near the end of the final quarter to upset St. Michael's Dragons (STM) 45-41.  A sizable crowd at St. Michael's Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium was treated to a barnburner throughout.  For most of the game the two teams were within a point or three of each other, usually with the Dragons slightly ahead.  The Hawks were ahead by one point at the end of the first quarter (12-11).  The Dragons were ahead 21-18 at the half.  The Dragons maintained a slight lead for most of the third quarter, and were ahead 38-33 in the last ten minutes of the game.  There were long periods of no scoring in that final quarter before the Hawks surged.  With 2:37 remaining the Hawks were behind by two points, 39-37.  A slick three-pointer by Hawks #9 Lucy Gerrand put them in the lead by one point, and proved to be the game winning basket.  Gerrand is a marvel, a top scorer and Player of the Game in every game so far this season.  Dragons #8 Olivia Citrigno has also come into her own, being her team's top scorer in every game so far this season.

The Hawks scored five more points before the final buzzer and the Dragons scored two, resulting in a 45-41 Hawks win.

Players of the Game were #4 Natalie Krizan (STM), #9 Lucy Gerrand (MHHS), #8 Olivia Citrigno (STM. and #6 Dakoda Bruder (MHHS).

Top scorers for the Dragons were #8 Olivia Citrigno (16pts), #15 Sara Saulnier (8pts), and # 3 Sydney Bruder (7pts).  Top scorers for the Hawks were #9 Lucy Gerrand (18pts), #6 Dakoda Bruder (10pts), #10 Leigh Erickson (6pts), and #4 Beyonce Crowshoe (6 pts).

2016/17 MHHS Hawks
Hawks vs Blades

On December 12 the Hawks (MHHS) hosted Nobleford's Blades (NCS) at the Matthew Halton High School Gym. The Hawk's 47-34 win in that game was entertainingly underscored by # 7 Alisha Stevenson's buzzer beater at the end of the game.  Evident throughout was the amount of work the Hawks have put into their teamwork skills.  They play an intelligent game, and it's really working for them this season.

Hawks vs Blades
Hawks #9 Lucy Gerrand and #15 Jayme Holtorf (NCS) were named Players of the Game choice by both coaches. 

Top scorers for the Blades were #8 Danae Goudzwaard (13 pts), #14 Selina Barnett (9pts), #15 Jayme Holtorf (8pts).  Top scorers for the Hawks were #9 Lucy Gerrand (18 pts),  # 7 Alisha Stevenson (8 pts), and #10 Leigh Erickson (5pts).

Results to date

Kainai SV defeated J.T. Foster by a wide margin.
Hawks defeated Kainai JV 55-24.
Coalhurst defeated Vulcan 56-33.
Dragons defeated Piikani by a wide margin.
Hawks defeated CNP Pandas by a wide margin.
Vulcan defeated Nobleford 45-39.
Piikani forfeited to Coalhurst.
Kainai SV defeated the Dragons 47-34.
Kainai defeated J.T. Foster 51-30.
CNP defeated J.T. Foster 54-45.
Hawks defeated Nobleford 47=34.
CHS defeated CCHS by a wide margin.
Coalhurst defeated Kainai JV 40-34.
Hawks defeated Dragons 45-41.
Kainai defeated CCHS by a wide margin.

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Hawks, Dragons, and Blades:


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