Friday, December 9, 2016

Letters to Santa from Livingstone School grades 1 and 2

Grade 1

Ryiss P.
Dear Santa,
I want a remote control car. I hope you have a good day. 
Love, Ryiss P.

Dear Santa,
Can I please have a marker gun to draw pictures? I will leave cookies and carrots for the reindeer.
Love, Ryan M.

Kace B.
Dear Santa,
I like Santa. Merry Christmas to the reindeer! Please, I want a monster truck. 
Love, Kace B.

Heidi W.
Dear Santa,
I love Christmas! Merry Christmas to you. I hope that you have a happy Christmas. I would like Kion stuffy and Mantis stuffy too. 
Love, Heidi W.

Dear Santa,
I would love you to please bring me three things for Christmas. A fur real friend, a pottery cool cool and a shopkin doll. Merry Christmas. I hope Mrs. Claus makes great cookies. 
Love, Autumn C.

Dominick K.

Dear Santa,
I would like a remote control truck please. Thank you. 
Love, Dominick K.

Milo S.
Dear Santa,
Please can you bring me chaps for Christmas. I have been good.
Love, Milo S.

Waylon H.
Dear Santa,
Can I please have a gold shield for Christmas. I love you Santa. Love,
Waylon H.

Adessa M.
Dear Santa
I love you for wrapping my presents. I wish for a pair of pink boots with fluffy pompoms and a pair of balloons. I leave you and your reindeer some bookies and some apples.
Love, Adessa M.

Livingstone School Letters to Santa
Grade 2

Dear Santa,
Can I please have Terraria on my 3DS? I might have a treat for you and your reindeer. Are you having a good day? I am. What are you doing today. Merry Christmas. Which kid are you going too first? 
Love, Owen F.

Charlotte W.
Dear Santa,
I will give you some yummy cookies! Could I please have a turtle stuffy for Christmas? You are very special. Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus! 
Love, Charlotte W.

Dear Santa,
I would like a horse for Christmas please. I will put cookies out for you and bake a pie for Mrs. Claus too. I will put my stocking with the others. I will put carrots out for the reindeer. Merry Christmas Santa! And thank you!
Love, Clara

Lincoln G.
Dear Santa,
I would like an Ollie for Christmas please. I was always wondering how many reindeer you have and what they eat and their names. If you write back please could you tell me their names and what they eat?
Love, Lincoln G.

Leanne B.
Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas Santa! Could I please have a toy truck? Thanks for the toy truck! Now I’m going to give you cookies and your reindeer carrots. 
Love, Leanne B.

Lander H.
Dear Santa,
Can you please bring me a Star Wars millennium falcon RC toy please and thank you. This year my family will not forget to put out cookies and carrots for you and your reindeer. Last, but not least, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas to all. 
Love, Lander H.

Dear Santa,
Would you please bring me a diamond necklace? Merry Christmas. I love you Santa! I love you Mrs. Claus! Love,
Brooke J.

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas Santa! I will give cookies to you. I would like a lego kit, please and a cat stuffy. I hope your elves are ok. Say hi to Mrs. Claus. 
Love, Andrea S.

Mats K.
Dear Santa,
I would like a 2015 50cc KTM and a nerf gun and cat toys for my cat. How are you doing in the North Pole! I hope you don’t get sick. I will be very good for you. I would also like an iPod. Merry Christmas Santa Claus. 
Love, Mats K.

Dear Santa,
Your reindeer are nice. May I please have a saddle? Thank you and may I also have a ring? Are your elves ok? 
Love, Teytan T.

Dear Santa,
I would like a pair of skates and scooter please. Have a good Christmas. I hope you like the cookies I made for you. Have a good day. I hope Mrs. Claus does too. 
Love, Stav S.

Mary R.
Dear Santa,
I will leave some snacks in a tin for you and your reindeer. I don’t mind what I get from you. I know the elves work very hard. You will love my Christmas lights. 
Love, Mary R.

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