Thursday, December 15, 2016

Livingstone Spaghetti Night and dessert auction brings in some sweet dough

Livingstone Graduands 2017 with desserts to auction: Erin Cnossen, Brady Douglas, K's Thomson, Katie McClung, Jon Erickson, Nikki Smyke, Skylar Bueckert, Ty Anctcil, Tessa Penner

Toni Lucas - Livingstone School held their annual Spaghetti Night graduation fundraiser in the Cowley Hall on Friday, December 9.  The nine graduands served dinner to close to 150 people. This is the main fundraiser for the Livingstone School graduation class and pays for photos, decorations, hall rental, and other expenditures.  The Spaghetti Night event hosted draws, a silent auction and Bob Westrop auctioned off a variety of desserts with several going for more than $200 per dessert, and with one special Kit Kat cake going for an astounding $525.

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