Thursday, December 22, 2016

Two tractor trailers end up in the ditch on Hwy 22 due to high winds

PCES on scene at Hwy 22 rollover (Kristy Stevens photos)
Toni Lucas - Recent high winds resulted in two separate incidents where tractor trailers ended up in the east ditch of Highway 22.  Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) including Lundbreck Fire Hall responded to both incidents, which occurred on Highway 22 approximately 10 kilometres north of the Highway 3 junction, close to township Road 8-4.

The first incident happened on Tuesday evening December 20 at approximately 6:30 pm. A southbound semi ended up in the east ditch.The driver was checked out and released on scene.

On Wednesday December 21 at approximately 6:15 pm PCES responded to a similar incident at almost the exactly the same spot.  A northbound tractor trailer also ended up in the east ditch. "It was about 100 metres from where the first one was." said PCES Deputy Fire Chief Pat Neumann.  The driver was sent to hospital with undetermined injuries.  Deputy Chief Neumann said the warning sign that alerts drivers to high wind conditions showed a wind speed of 89 kilometres per hour. "That's not the gusts," he said,  explaining the wind speed readings on the warning signs gives an average, not the top speed the winds are traveling. "It was difficult for crews to even stand up in the wind."

First responders helping each other in the wind (K. Stevens photo)

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