Monday, January 23, 2017

Annora Brown - From a woman's perspective

Annora Brown 1957
Joyce Sasse - As a child in Fort Macleod, Annora Brown was sensitive to the people around who pitied the fact “she had to grow up in a place like this.” But her mother insisted she learn to value what was right before her eyes. That made all the difference.

During this year of 2017, when we look closely at her life I need the assistance of many of you to help identify her Legacy … What learnings do we need to treasure and pass along?

As a single woman in a small rural town in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s, were there challenges? How did she handle them?

She was an artist who was called home to nurse and care for parents in poor health. With no visible means of support, what glimmers of hope kept her going? What factors were most influential in helping her stay in the community after her parents died? Her biography “Sketches from Life” gives clues. What inheritance did she pass along?

Remember the recollection she had when she and her friend were camping in the Porcupine Hills? “This is my world. The wailing of the wind … the barking of the coyotes … and the sound of Indian voices …”

Did it make a difference to her that several of the “Famous Five Women”, who fought for women’s rights, visited her home when she was a child? Or that Henrietta Muir Edwards passed along her discarded art supplies? Are there reminders for today’s women? What stories can we share with our children and youth.

What underlies the longevity of the life of Fort Macleod’s Fort-Nightly and Sketch Clubs?

As individuals, or as a Do-Crew group, help me collect memories and insights into what Annora Brown’s life has meant and what her Legacy can be.

Her unique outlook on life can inspire all of us.

For glimpses of Annora’s story click here.  Share your thoughts with Joyce Sasse at

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