Friday, January 20, 2017

AWC: Long overdue protection for Castle wilderness

Alberta Wilderness Assocation - An Order in Council for the Castle Parks was passed on Thursday, January 19th that expands the previously announced Castle Wildland Provincial Park boundaries. Coupled with an announcement today by Premier Notley that all illegal off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails will be closed immediately and all others will be phased out over the next few years, Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) recognizes the significant progress being made to offer true protection to the essential ecosystems within the Castle boundaries that are so desperately in need of restoration.

"The Castle parks, with expanded Wildland Provincial Park boundaries, will provide important protection for headwaters and threatened species including westslope cutthroat trout and grizzly bears. Albertans will be happy to see that they have been listened to and that protection of our headwaters and species at risk is being taken seriously," said Joanna Skrajny, AWA Conservation Specialist.

"While we would have preferred to see all off highway motorized recreation banned from both parks immediately, we expect that OHVs will be phased out in an expedited manner that targets, minimizes and eliminates ongoing threats to westslope cutthroat trout and grizzly bears, allowing these populations to recover. The elimination of illegal trail use in the Castle will begin the important process of protecting vital landscapes," said Cliff Wallis, AWA Secretary Treasurer.

The Castle Wilderness is a region of outstanding ecological and indigenous value. With numerous overlapping ecosystems in one relatively small area, the Castle Wilderness contains unusually high animal and plant species diversity and is an essential headwaters area for the Oldman River basin. The Castle also contains critical habitat for threatened westslope cutthroat trout, and is recognized as core grizzly bear habitat.

The Government of Alberta first announced plans to protect the Castle Wilderness in a Provincial Park and Wildland Provincial Park on September 4, 2015. To see the original proposal for the park click here. To see the announcement made by the Government of Alberta today, click here. The draft management plan is open for a 60-day public consultation.

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  1. Anonymous18/2/17

    Ha Ha. No more quads. No more campers. This area is only for grizzly bears and trout. Don't worry about the fact its already been logged out. The damage has already been done. You will now have to pay to even go walk around. Pay gate fees, camping fees and no gathering of firewood...because you guessed it you will have to pay for firewood. Sounds more like a business proposition than a wilderness proposition doesn't it? No freedom for the little man anymore, you stay home and watch tv and don't even think about camping free in the Canadian wilderness anymore. Pay to play baby. The provincial gov. wants your carbon taxes, gate fees and eventually your blood. Hello socialism, goodbye freedom. Lets look at the science shall we? These areas like the Castle have been logged out already and the damage is enormous. A few atv's and hunters can't even come close to doing the amount of damage as clear cutting millions of our trees and putting them on trucks, transporting them 800km to Hinton for processing and burning thousands of gallons of diesel fuel to boot. Doesn't sound like the province is all that worried about carbon to me. You mean carbon dioxide, a natural trace gas that is necessary for life on earth and at higher levels increases plant production so trees grow faster. Hey what about the fire? Notley or Philips have you actually been there and looked. Shoot half the forest is already burnt down. Driving an atv down the trail will not harm anything. This is all nonsense. Ever been up close to a grizzly bear. I have, I worked for the province and federal government in the wilderness. They are scary as only those know who have experienced a false charge or an unexpected encounter. They are doing fine and I am not sure I want more of them anyways. Maybe Shanon can go tenting in grizzly country and pet one that walks into her camp. Yeah her opinion might change. People they are monsters and can walk the wilderness without kicking humankind out. Grizzly numbers are healthy, this is all a lie. This is about UN agenda 21. Plain and simple. Keep the uneducated plebs out of the wilderness area and save it for all the special people that really matter. People once they start putting us in boxes and telling us someones butt is more special than everyone else's, it never stops. Socialism hasn't ended well in any country, no iSM ever does. Oh and by the way, when did we start using race to determine who can use our forest reserve? What year is this again? Get me out of this madhouse. If you want to see where the rabbit hole goes, ask who owns Waterton Lakes National Park. Its not us Canadians. Some of the wardens worked for the UN before becoming wardens. Get the picture. Agenda 21 is coming. This must be stopped. Notley, we will expose you and your UN buddies. More to come.


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