Thursday, January 19, 2017

CNP Fire/Rescue Department December monthly report

CNP Fire/Rescue

The Fire/Rescue Department responded to a total of 14 Emergency calls for the month of December:
3 Alarm Bells
4 Motor Vehicle Collisions
1 Vehicle Fire
5 Public Service Calls
1 EMS Assist


With the recent cold snap, Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue would like to remind everyone to watch for signs of hypothermia – in yourselves and your company.  The Crowsnest Pass has a wealth of outdoor activities so whether snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, or just enjoying the outdoors, make sure you recognize the signs of hypothermia and know what to do if you begin to experience it.

St. John Ambulance describes hypothermia as setting in when the body’s core temperature drops more than 2 degrees Celsius and can occur when the outside temperature drops below -20 degrees Celsius.

There are three stages of hypothermia – mild, moderate and severe. They can be recognized from varying degrees of slurred speech, confusion and shivering (shivering stops when a person is suffering from severe hypothermia).  If you believe someone is suffering from hypothermia, remove him/her from the cold immediately, give warm, sweet drinks if the person is conscious (no alcohol, or caffeine) and keep him/her warm. Be sure to handle anyone with hypothermia gently as cooler temperatures affect the electrical impulses of the heart. Do not rub the person’s body to improve circulation because this will force cold blood back to the body’s core.

If the kids come home with frostbite, best thing you can do is gradually rewarm the part using body heat, says St. Johns Ambulance. Avoid rubbing any frostbitten tissue as this may cause further damage.

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