Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cowley Fire responds to chicken coop blaze

Jim Cisar photos
Toni Lucas - At 5:22 am on Tuesday, January 10 the Village of Cowley Fire Department responded to a chicken coop fire in the village.  The fire was reported to 911 by a passerby.  The fire was in a small 4' by 4' chicken coop.  Fire Chief Jim Cisar, Deputy Fire Chief James MacKinnon, and John MacKinnon* responded, and had the fire under control within 15 minutes of arrival.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services was also dispatched, but were asked to stand down as the fire was under control and there were no human injuries.  There was no other damage to any other property,  The coop is still standing but is not currently structurally sound.  Cisar said the probable cause of the fire was a heat lamp within the small space, fueled by a combination of dust, hay, grain, and other combustibles.
* corrected for accuracy

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