Monday, January 16, 2017

MD of Pincher Creek approves bridge projects

Chris Davis - At their January 10 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek approved a recommendation from Director of Operations to approve a tender for two bridge replacement projects, on for Toney Drive over Kettles Creek and the other for North Burmis Road over a tributary of Todd Creek. 15 companies provided tenders for the two projects. The contact was rewarded to the lowest tenderer, Dirt World Inc. "with project funding of $319,175.24, including engineering coming from Public Works Capital Bridge Reserve", unless the MD is successful in receiving a grant from the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program, which case the grant funding would be used first.

According to Reedyk's report to council, "The Province of Alberta has recently announced the guidelines for the new Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program. These bridge projects are eligible projects under the Local Road Bridge Program. The deadline for application under this program is February 3, 2017."

Councillor Quinton Stevick said he was amazed at the differences in bid prices and that there were 15 bids for the project. Reedyk said the engineering estimate was significantly more than the tendered price for option B (the approved options) of both projects.

According to Reedyk's report, "Dirt World has indicated they are looking to do the work during the fish window from August 15 to September 11, 2017. As this is during harvest, and detours are a significant length, it is recommended that Option "B" be chosen as the preferred option for both bridges."

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