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Pincher Creek Curling Club hosts 2017 Combo Bonspiel

C. Davis photos except where noted
  • Also: Insurance concerns to be discussed at Feb. 1 emergency meeting
Chris Davis - The Pincher Creek Curling Club hosted a Combo Bonspiel last weekend.  Eight men's teams and 6 ladies teams participated.  Winning the Men's side was Calgary's CCOTR (Canadian Club on the Rocks) team.  Pincher Creek's Lemire team won the Ladies side.

Men's winners 

CCOTR team
1st place - CCOTR team
Gerry Edwards 
Tom De Peuter
Mike Young
Blair Jarvis

Reed Team (photo courtesy Pincher Creek Curling Club)
2nd - Reed team
Rocky Reed
Paul Ozar
Gord Brecht
Robert Hochstein

Williams team (photo courtesy Pincher Creek Curling Club)
3rd - Williams team
Kyle Williams
Francis Cyr 
Justin Zoratti 
Mark Barfield

Ladies winners

Lemire team
1st - Lemire 
Katie Lemire
Lisa Holoboff
Glenda kettles
Amanda Cyr

Strandquist team
2nd - Strandquist 
Kayla Strandquist 
Flora Griffith
Kayla Marra
Carol Budgen

^ Some of the participants really got into the bonspiel's redneck theme (photos courtesy Pincher Creek Curling Club)

Insurance woes continue

In other curling club news, a delegation composed of Brenda Heisler and Jessie Nelson appeared before Pincher Creek's Town Council this evening to ask for council's help in securing insurance for the club's facility on Main Street.  The delegation told council that the club has been unable to secure liability or contents insurance past February 24 of this year, due to the unfavourable engineering report of 2011 which found that the structure needed extensive repair, or preferably replacement.  The same report led to the club being unable to acquire fire or structural insurance for the last several years.

Council told the delegation that the Town was not able to extend their own insurance contract to cover third party organizations like the independent curling club.  Council and the delegation discussed the possibility of the Town purchasing the facility for a nominal amount to allow them to insure it under the Town's policy.  Under that plan the club would continue to pay for their ongoing expenses.  The delegation said that was not their preferred solution, but was possibly the only way to finish their season.

Town council added the issue to their in-camera portion of the meeting, held at the end of the public council meeting.  Stay tuned for an update.

As reported here previously, at December 2016 meetings the councils for the MD of Pincher Creek and the Town of Pincher Creek heard from Pincher Creek Curling Club delegations. Among other things, the club sought letters of support from each council for their Community Facility Enhancement Grant (CFEP) application, for a new ice plant, and for financial support to build a new facility. The Town was asked to promise up to $275,000 in matching funds for the proposed facility. The curling club was recently advised that their application for Canada 150 grant funding has been denied, and is for the moment focused on keeping their current facility operational.  At their December 6, 2016 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek decided to receive the information received from the curling club delegations as information. At their December 12 meeting council for the Town of Pincher Creek decided to forward the matter to a later meeting of the Committee of the Whole.

The curling club is holding an emergency meeting on Wednesday, February 1, just ahead of their February 6 - 11 Town and Country Bonspiel, their biggest event of the season.  All curling club members have been asked to attend.

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