Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dare to stand out

Pastor Chris Ney - What does it look like today to fit in, does it look like being the same as everyone else, dressing like them, talking like them, acting like them? Why do we strive to be like everyone else while at the same time trying to be different? It makes sense doesn’t it, how we can walk day in and day out trying to just be and yet we all have this inner longing to be ourselves, I know for me I wasn’t sure that anyone would like the real me so I just kept it bottled up and played along with everyone.

That was a few years ago but I still see it in life all over the place now, people that desire to be their own person but yet cant seem to escape the grips of desiring to be accepted that they forgo identity for blending in. Now is it wrong to blend in, no I’m not saying that it is but what I am saying is that we need to know who we are and who God made us to be so that we can live in the fullness of who we really are. It has taken me many years of learning this and truthfully I am still learning. Life would be so much easier sometimes if we would all just be the same, but if that were the case nothing would ever get done or change or get better.

Who we are, and what we are made to do is individual and unique to each and every person, but God created us all to bring Him glory. So we are different yet have the same purpose, you can be a teacher or a mechanic, a social worker or a politician it doesn’t matter your primary reason for being here wasn’t to blend in but it is to make a stand, to seek God and make Him known. The reality is that until you really know Him you never really know who you are or your real potential. I know some reading this will be saying whatever this just sound hoky, but I do think if you examine down deep you know you are meant for more and you know that there is something missing.

That something is Jesus, you can say well I don’t want to become a stuffing church person or the church is full of hypocrites and you would be right, there is room for one more. See we all have fallen short of the glory of God but it is only by His love for us that we can find out who we are. It is by knowing Him that we get the freedom to live to our full potential. Who wouldn’t want that?

Jesus paid it all, even up to His own death because He loves you and He loves me, He asks us to turn to Him and ask for forgiveness for all we have done, and acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior and He will set us free. Free from the bondage of the world, and trying to fit in. Free to live as a unique child of God, and ready to find out what our full potential is.

Maybe reading this you are asking I know Jesus but I don’t know life like that, then I would say to you seek Him, not just on Sundays but seek Him everyday and He is there, He is not hiding, He is wanting to show you what life in Him looks like.

If you are searching for family, and a place to belong we would like to invite you to join us
Sunday’s 10:30AM
@ Vertical Church
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You are Loved!!

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