Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Legacy learnings from the Annora Brown story

Joyce Sasse -
The collective memory of people living in small communities is astounding. Sharing that memory with each other is where we need to start when re-calling Annora Brown’s Life and Legacy story.

I’m receiving memories of how Ms. Brown’s story has influenced individuals.

“When she visited our Grandma, as children we wanted to be in her presence … It was because of her that strong feelings about conservation have such a priority in my life.”

“I became aware of the struggles she faced (in the 30’s, indebted, needing to care for parents).” “Tragedy” is a word that I connect with parts of her life. By bringing awareness of her legacy to the forefront, can we bring the extraordinary aspects of her contribution back into focus?

One person is building our web-page. Another is researching how to get a Postage Stamp (or stamp series) published.

When you look through the children’s book “Young Explorers”, which Annora Brown illustrated for J.M. Dent & Son (1947), it is filled with a rich treasury of drawings about Canada, about immigrant cultures, about the out-of-doors and our animal friends. The drawing of a dragon fly alongside a propeller-driven airplane in the section “Skyways” shows how she helped children expand their sensory insights.

The more I become acquainted with her work, the more I see how her curiosity and creativity fed off each-other – to deliver a delightful, nourishing feast for our souls.

As we re-build the story, we need your input. I’m looking for volunteers who will begin to build an inventory of privately-owned Annora Brown paintings. From this we can see the broad scope of her work, and the in-depth attention she gave to details.

I’m also looking for Do-Crew volunteers who will look into how we can get a book of her paintings published. Colored images of those paintings would do a lot to show the world why she is worthy of adulation.

Together we can bring this great story back to life.

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