Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Livingstone Science Fair 2017

Toni Lucas - Livingstone School held their annual School Science Fair on Monday, January 30 for students in grades 1 - 9. Participation was voluntary and the students chose their own projects based on their interests. Many chose to work alone, however their were some groups of two or more student who collaborated to do a presentation. There was a wide range of displays and demonstrations, and many of the students stayed with their booths to explain what their findings were. Among the many guests, Livingstone Range School Division Trustee Clara Yagos was in attendance.

Principal Chad Jensen was very happy to see the wide range of interest from the students. Some students posed intriguing questions like "Will pop harm your teeth?' or 'Will you remember something you learn as you fall asleep?'. Some projects had titles which were simple declaratives like "Mold', 'Gravity', or 'Lava Lamps'. What the projects had in common was that the students used scientific methods to study, record. and present their findings.


Grade 1 Awards
1st – Ryan Morado
2nd – Waylon Hollingshead
2nd – Ryiss Poulin
3rd – Autumn Clark

Grade 2 Awards
1st – Lincoln Grandoni
2nd – Mary Rast
3rd – Owen Friesen

Grade 3 Awards
1st – River Clark
2nd – Grace Darragh
3rd – Abbi-George Byrne

Grade 4 Awards
1st – Madison Grandoni
2nd – Felicity Bueckert
3rd – Nevaeh MacKinnon

Grade 5 Awards
1st – Sohpie Lynch-Staunton
2nd – Ava Oreel & Quynlen Darragh
2nd – Aleah Keeler & Caitlin Kuzyk
3rd – Mackinley Mallard

Grade 6 Awards
1st – Brady Rast
1st – Amy Friesen
2nd – Brett Keeler
2nd – Waci Thomson
2nd – Kylie Oreel
2nd – Austin Harrison
3rd – Bronwyn Gelber & Mia Hartgerink

Grade 7 Awards
1st – Ryan Smyth
2nd – Blake Friesen
3rd – Josh MacGarva

Grade 8 Awards
1st – Indie MacGarva
2nd – Eddie Lindsell & Peter Robbins
2nd – Taya Clifton, Regan Kuzyk, Asia Hurlburt
2nd – Mathias Lynch-Staunton, Alina Pharis
3rd – Logan Olsen & Danta Fincaryk

Grade 9 Awards
1st – Megan Hurst
2nd – Frankie Love
3rd – Alex Hartgerink

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