Thursday, February 16, 2017

Looking for memorabilia

Joyce Sasse

“I’ll just look her up on Google”, one young woman commented when I told her about our “Annora Brown Life & Legacy Project”.

I hesitated, thinking Google didn’t have that much to offer. But when I checked it and other search engines, I was more than impressed. Our advocacy efforts to tell this woman’s story and show her work are bringing results.

Meanwhile, there is still work to be done. Does anyone have a copy of any of the children’s books she illustrated? Give them to the Fort Macleod Library, or let me know their whereabouts for our collection. Winged Canoes at Nootka; Totems Tipis & Tumplines; Up Up & Away; Canaries for the Clotheslines; No Man Stands Alone are some books that carry Annora Brown’s name.

What about her diaries? Ten years ago, when I did research to write my drama about Ms. Brown, I was shown four diaries that were in the care of a now deceased Fort Macleod resident. Does anyone know where those diaries are now?

What other memorabilia and memories might be shared?

As for privately owned paintings – we are affirming copyright details so we can gather an inventory of the work she did. The scope of her subject matter and painting style is incredible. Details about this inventory would be shared only at the owner’s discretion.

Finally, we are still looking for contacts from Deep Cove or the Saanich Peninsula – so we can do follow-up on the twenty years Annora Brown spent in retirement.

It takes the help of so many to draw together details on an incredible lady’s Life & Legacy.

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