Sunday, February 12, 2017

Move over

‎Paula Hopwood‎, Guest Editorial - This message goes out to everyone who do not move over to the right for emergency vehicles.  Today (Feb. 9) I was driving through Blairmore. I saw people skidding trying to go, I saw people going sideways trying to stop, I saw and felt icy conditions.

I also saw something very dangerous that some take for granted.

I was coming back into Blairmore from the west end. Two emergency vehicles were coming towards me with their lights flashing. They looked like fire rescue trucks. Pick up trucks. Carrying emergency response people.

Now 4 vehicles coming towards me pulled over and stopped. letting the emergency response guys go through.  I pulled over to the right and stopped.  We gave them all the room we could.

Then someone in a truck came from behind me and he didn't pull over...not at all.  He actually forced the two emergency trucks to move over.  After the trucks went by I pulled out and started again. I saw the truck who hadn't moved over stop and park at a local store.  He didn't take a few seconds to pull over because he had to shop?

Did you know that those trucks are important and can save lives?  Just because they are not an ambulance doesn't mean they are not important.  These trucks get to an accident first sometimes. These emergency responder trucks carry people trained to help in an accident. Sometimes all it takes is a few moments to make a life or death difference.

So if you don't move over, and something were to happen to delay these responders like they hit the ditch or something, then the people in need have to wait longer for help.

All because someone didn't move over for them.

Think about the people needing help. It could be your mother, your friend, your mate, your child,.. it could be you sometime.

My son and I were pulled from our truck by a first responder.  I am thankful to this day he got there first and made a difference.

Please pull over to the right and make way for emergency vehicles. You may help someone in dire need.

Paula Hopwood is an inspirational speaker and author.  

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