Wednesday, February 8, 2017

One man in custody after shots fired and standoff in Pincher Creek

C. Davis photos

Chris Davis / Toni Lucas - At approximately 4:20 am today Pincher Creek RCMP attended an emergency call in the town of Pincher Creek, following a report of shots fired.  The incident occurred at a home across the street from the Matthew Halton High School parking lot, at the southwest corner of Davidson Avenue and Mountain Street. Crowsnest Pass RCMP, Piikani RCMP, the Calgary RCMP Emergency Response Team (ERT), and an RCMP helicopter later joined the response effort.

ERT member in Matthew Halton High School
According to Pincher Creek RCMP Sgt. Mark Harrison, the man exited his home when two officers arrived and fired one round towards them with an undetermined firearm, without striking either of them, and went back inside. The suspect and  barricaded himself in the home.  The home was contained, and a three to five block area around the location was closed to the public until the incident was resolved, including a section of Main Street near the Memorial Community Centre. Two people who lived in the basement of the home left safely. Sgt. Harrison said their relationship to the man is currently unknown.

Neighbouring residents were advised of the situation and their homes were secured. Because the First Student school bus barn and compound are located directly across the street from the incident, all Pincher Creek schools were closed for the day. Livingstone Range School Division Communications Coordinator Zyna Taylor said "Fortunately, due to the work of the area RCMP, all students and staff members are safe and away from the vicinity of the school." Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg cancelled a Committee of the Whole council meeting scheduled for this morning at Town Hall and Town administrative staff vacated the premises. Town Hall is approximately a block from the incident location.

Home at the corner of Davidson Avenue and Mountain Street

Town facilities in the area were closed during the incident. The Pincher Creek Swimming Pool will be re-opening at 3:00 pm and the Pincher Creek Arena at 3:30 pm. RCMP said the suspect was known to authorities.

RCMP Emergency Response Team vehicle
A Pincher Creek RCMP update issued just before noon reported that one male had been arrested by the Emergency Response Team and charges are pending. The RCMP Emergency Response Team used an armored vehicle brought in from Calgary with an hydraulic arm on the front of it to knock down the door to the home and apprehend the suspect. No injuries were reported. According to the RCMP, "No one else was involved in the incident and the situation is resolved."

RCMP emergency response vehicles on Kettles Street
C. Davis photos
The RCMP said they will provide an update when charges are laid, and the suspect's name will not be released until that time.

The officers involved have been offered any assistance they may require from in-house staff who are trained in mitigating the effects of being involved in critical incidents.

Update: The accused is Dewey (Todd) Starzyk, 53, of Pincher Creek.


  1. Oh my, I hope everyone is safe!

    1. Yes, incident resolved without injury, according to RCMP.

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed Chris.

  3. Anonymous8/2/17

    Thank you, Chris.

  4. Dave B8/2/17

    Nice coverage, you guys. Great pictures, too.


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