Monday, February 27, 2017

Man found dead after barricading himself in Pincher Creek home (updated)

The Pincher Creek RCMP and RCMP Emergency Response Team responded to a report of an armed and barricaded male in a house on Macleod Street in Pincher Creek on Saturday evening, February 25. According to an RCMP news release, on February 26 at 6:20 am Emergency Response Team members entered the residence and located a deceased male occupant. The man’s identity will not be released and the death is not considered suspicious. No shots were fired by the RCMP during the response.  Portions of Macleod Street were closed to the public and nearby residents during the incident and subsequent investigation.

Video taken February 25/26, 2017


  1. Still ongoing. No new information, sorry.

  2. Kelly Litchfield27/2/17

    I understand the RCMP have a difficult job. All manner of dangerous situations. I still think this reaction was WAY overboard. Obviously we don't have all the information...part of the problem...from the outside looking in it seems crazy.

  3. As I read this, it appears to have taken them nearly 12 hours to enter a house with a dead man in it? True we don't have all the information, or what sort of risks they were concerned about, but i find that just a little...excessive.


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