Sunday, February 12, 2017

Significance of Annora Brown Life & Legacy Project

Joyce Sasse -  “ Annora Brown is in important figure in Fort Macleod”, Frank McTighe wrote in support of the Life & Legacy Project. “It is in the best interest of our community, province and country to ensure Annora Brown’s work is readily available to the public … It is our job”, the Macleod Gazette editor noted, “to promote and share (this) work with the community at large.”

The Galt Museum Gallery’s summer 2016 showing of Annora Brown’s work, museum curator Wendy Aitkens observed, was mounted because of popular demand. “Annora Brown was a significant female artist in this region and it was important to celebrate her life, writing and art.” Speaking of Legacy, Aitkens noted “Annora Brown taught others to appreciate and paint similar subjects (landscape, buildings, indigenous people and wildflowers of southwestern Alberta), thus perpetuating her skills and interests in art.”

Looking ahead to where this project is now centred, Jan Walker (Fort Macleod Public Library Chairperson) wrote “There is no better time to have this local woman, her story and her art brought out of the shadows of time. (1930 – 1965 mark the years when Brown made her greatest contribution in the region.) “The Fort Macleod Library is the obvious hub for Joyce Sasse to plan her work around.”

For the Life & Legacy Project to obtain funding support from the Henry Varley Fund for Rural Life, it had to meet the criteria of being innovative, collaborative (within the region), have educational initiatives and be research-related. The purpose of the Varley Fund is to “provide support through community organizations to people who are committed to sustaining the rural communities of southwestern Alberta.”

Our challenge is to work together with pride and determination on this project. As we share talents, resources, memories and vision, we can nurture our spirits and encourage others to visit our region which is rich with beauty, steeped in history and proudly rural.

Rosemond Brown (the artist’s estate-holder) writes “How kind of you to bring (my husband’s aunt) to the forefront … our children get their love of life, nature and flowers from (her). Thank you.”

Annora Brown’s Paintings at Glenbow:

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