Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Snow removal in Pincher Creek

Town of Pincher Creek - Snow removal on Main Street is actively happening, we are asking residents to use an alternative route if possible. Snow removal crews are currently working from 2 a.m. through to 8 p.m.  Snow removal is taking place in accordance to bylaw #302-93 and crews are currently working on priorities 1; All hills and emergency routes, 2; Portions of Main Street and 3; School zones. Due to the extremely large amount of snow received the removal process is taking longer than average. The operations department is anticipating removal in residential areas will take place in approximately 72 hours.  Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass area schools were closed Monday and Tuesday.

To assist crews, if you are able please help with the following;

- Sweep off your vehicle so it can be clearly seen by operators
- Whenever possible park off street
- Clear around nearby fire hydrants

Please do not clear snow from private property onto the street. ATV (quad) use is permitted on private property (ie. Clearing driveways) Snow being removed from private property and driveways cannot be placed on the roads. The bylaw department will not be seeking-out kind citizens to ticket for assisting others, they will be encouraging residents to be respectful of road rules.

We are thankful to live in a community where everyone lends a hand and we have great neighbors. Thank you to everyone who is out helping each other out!

Specific requests can be made online via the citizen’s request are on

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