Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Circle

Allen Joe Sera

Wandering aimlessly midst the dunes with not a tree in sight
nor a blade of grass
nor a flower
nor a drop of water

I am losing

I feel insecure in my security

I trip over my tongue with my words of confidence

I am troubled
I am empty

I am lost

captured by the light
blinded by the bright
begging for the night

I weep

my miraging mind coveting the oasis in my heart

vanquished within my gaze
an apparition stills my daze
a dancing orb of silver haze

yet I am drawn

sentinels of my mind exhort cockles of my heart

with my mind and heart in conflict
I am haunted by a phantom of the sensitive monkey

they're standing on my tail
you will prevail
they're standing on my tail

they're standing on my tail 
oh mercy
I will prevail
they're standing on my tail

within rages of war
amidst all confusion
benevolence of the soul forgives affliction
dons compassion from pertinence of perishing foe

I walked the outer edge of the circle

I turned to trace my path of nullity

my mind distressed

my heart spoke to my mind

to return to nowhere with fear is to regres
to stand idle is to die
to advance to somewhere with courage is to progress

I continued to walk forward without fear

I panged to hunger
without nourishment my mind lamented

my heart spoke to my mind

to disdain desire with pity is to wither
to abstain desire is to die
to sustain desire with joy is to bloom

I continued to walk forward without pity

I strained to challenge my body to vanity

my mind raged

my heart spoke to my mind

to regret limitations with anger is to abhor
to ignore limitations is to die
to accept limitations with love is to enjoy

I continued to walk forward without anger

an ornate voice like that of sweet desire beckoned to me

within the circle find your truth

I paused to remember my emotions

my mind bled with fear yest my heart healed with courage

my mind wept with pity yet my heart laughed with joy

my mind screamed with anger yet my heart whispered with love

I stepped into the circle

with no walls to hide me
with no doors to confine me
with no rules to refine me
with no theories to define me
with no scripts to guide me

I am alone

within the circle I am placid yet weary
within the center of my orb I lay to rest

I dream

chaotic kingdom of captured blue
spilling freedom of crimson hue

shadow streaks of spirit curtains
haunting peaks of painted mountains

silent ease of eagles flight
redeeming peace of sacred twilight

my plead

sky wizard
share with me
silent secrets
of thy peace

the retort

my serenity
is only mine
thy serenity
is only thine

why must thou
quest for mine
must not thou
quest for thine

search thy dream
and thou shall see
thy light of peace
forever will be

my question

is this circle
without a door
covert silence
forever more

will I not
ever be free
of covert silence
to be me

the answer

thy soul
is free
thy door
is thee

my conclusion

I am only truth when I want to be
I am only wisdom when I want to be
I am only compassion when I want to be
I am only passion when I want to be
I am only free when I want to be
I am only me when I want to be
all of these things I will be
I want to be

I am awakened to the rapture of angelic voices
with enchantments profound throughout time


songs of the minstrel
prayers of the preacher
rhymes of the poet
lessons of the teacher
guidance of wisdom
calling to the living
calling to listen


the tribal drum beats for our moment
this aura of time will have no sequel
in this instant we share

if with me
within my circle there is a conflict within your mind and soul
where you do not understand and con not accept
tell me
if it is within my control to compromise
I will
if it is not
please understand
and accept me
as I will with you
within your circle

thus my truth

I continue to walk forward

with mind and heat in harmony

I am
the sensitive monkey

I will

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