Sunday, February 26, 2017

Time to wake up

Pastor Chris Ney -
To often when we sleep for to long we end up more tired and start having lazy days, days turn in to weeks and weeks turn into months and so on. If fact we can fall into a slump, and not know how to get out until something changes, but something has to snap you out of the fog, and light has to begin to just crack the fog to clear it up.

Our life as followers of Jesus can look the same, we are excited in the beginning, the new life is shinning bright, and then the routine of church and trying to do good starts to put a fog around you, and then the rule book comes out with all the things you can’t do anymore. We begin to start feeling defeated; like this is just to tough and settle in for the long road of just attending Sunday services and call that life. Sadly if that is all we are doing is meeting Sunday mornings then we are asleep, we are missing life that is truly in Jesus and the excitement that comes with a life following Jesus.

The life that Jesus promises is not all roses and sunshine but it is full of joy and excitement, it is full of tears and laughter, full of good times and struggles. Through all the ups and downs we can find real joy in Jesus, as He brings us life and hope far beyond and rules or routine. The deal is we need to be living it out daily and we need to be getting to know Him more in everything we do. That means lifting the fog of routine and walking closer to the light of Jesus, opening up the Bible, spending time in conversation with God. It also requires us to step out of our comfort zones and seek to grow, and to be a living example of who Jesus is. The reality is that we are living examples of who we think Jesus is and that is why it is time to wake up.

God is calling His children to wake up and get out of the fog, to be the light, and to truly enjoy this life in Christ. We have no excuses not to be, He did everything including dying on a cross pouring out His blood and taking the penalty of all our wrongs so that we could live in joy and be the light He has called us to be. This starts with giving Him the first of everyday, and being happy in what we have, not looking to what we don’t. Jesus is life and life more abundant.

It is time to wake up.

If you are looking for family and a place to connect we would like to invite you to join us and Sunday morning 10:30 @ Vertical Church
1200 Ken Thornton Blvd

You Are Loved

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