Sunday, February 12, 2017

Too much of a good thing

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings

Too much of a good thing causes trouble.

Consider Christmas. What once was a special feast, a highlight for our ancestors’ Christmas calendar, is now a full month of over-indulgence. For the next six weeks our focus has to be on getting our belt-line and our bottom-line back in order.

How quickly and completely we become obsessed with over-use of our tablets and cell phones. We’ve never before had such access to connections and information. But have we acquired more wisdom? They can take so much priority that we lose our ability to focus on the significant relationships and opportunities around us. Withdrawal pains become obvious when we are challenged to set them aside for a while.

At a recent Farm Safety Conference one speaker pointed to how push-button-technology for farm men has meant less exercise. That lack of physical activity has measurable results. “In Alberta, rural men have a life expectancy three years less than their urban counter-parts … (and) a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer than city residents.” (Western Producer January 5, 2017). Technology might have made life easier (thank God we don’t have to hand-pitch bundles and haybales any more), but we’ve convinced ourselves we are too busy for intentional exercise or to get our medical checkups. “Farmers often take better care of their livestock and machinery than themselves.”

I recall an old preacher speaking on the theme of “temperance”. It was in the day when the Women’s Christian Temperance Union was still in full form. But he chose to remind us that “Temperance” wasn’t about abstinence. It was about “moderation”. “To the right extent and no further” was how he defined it. Anything we do to excess, without seriously considering the implications, can be hazardous to our well-being.

Making the necessary adjustments can be life-saving!

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