Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blood Tribe Council passes trespass bylaw

Blood Tribe Council - The Blood Tribe Council has taken active steps to minimize the impacts of the fentanyl and other drug related activities on the Blood Reserve and to ensure the safety of Blood Tribe members. One of the steps has been to enact the Kainai/Blood Tribe Trespass Bylaw and Regulations to deal with the ongoing concerns with respect to persons entering on the Blood Reserve for purposes related to the unlawful use and distribution of drugs.

The Bylaw and Regulations will come into effect April 13, 2017. The Bylaw provides the authorization to the Blood Tribe Police to remove and charge those people that are trespassing on the Reserve. Any person found on the Reserve who is not a Blood Tribe member is presumed to be trespassing unless they can prove otherwise.

The intent of the Bylaw and Regulations are not to punish or control those persons who are invited onto the Reserve and are not creating problems but rather to have a method to identify those persons who do not have permission to be on the Blood Reserve. The Regulations establish a system of issuing Permits that will provide individuals or businesses with the proof required to show that they have authorization to be on the Reserve for specific purposes.

Blood Tribe members do not require a Permit as they have the right to be on the Blood Reserve.

The types that may be applied for by non-Blood Tribe members are:
  1. Residential Permits: A Residency Permit is required for any Person who resides on the Blood Reserve and is not a Blood Tribe member, including the spouses of a Blood Tribe member residing on the Reserve and children under the age of 18 who are children or grandchildren of either a Blood Tribe member or the spouse of a Blood Tribe member.
  2. Entry Permits: Entry Permits may be applied for annual, season, specific or day purposes by non-Blood Tribe members conducting lawful activities on the Blood Reserve. Entry Permits shall be issued either annually, for a specified time period or as a day pass as follows:

Persons who are attending at public activities such as sports activities including hockey and rodeos, pow wows and school events or businesses that are authorized by Council do not require a Permit for the sole purpose of attending at the public activity or business.

The Bylaw and Regulations will be published on the Blood Tribe Council website on April 3, 2017 and will set out the specific requirements for Permits and the process that is required to apply for those permits.

Blood Tribe Council has taken these steps to balance the requirements for safety for Blood Tribe members and the fact that the Blood Reserve has been set apart for the benefit of Blood Tribe members with the necessity of continuing to run businesses and the rights of members to engage in relationships and activities of their choice.


  1. Anonymous24/3/17

    Guess they better forget about hosting events there! Why would I let my children travel to somewhere you need 'papers' and permission to be?

  2. "Persons who are attending at public activities such as sports activities including hockey and rodeos, pow wows and school events or businesses that are authorized by Council do not require a Permit for the sole purpose of attending at the public activity or business."

  3. Anonymous24/3/17

    Ok...I think everyone is going nuts. In a short period of time I will need papers to travel through a place in Canada. Are you kidding me? This sets a scary precedent for other places in the country. Will this solve the drug problem? Of course it won't. It might even make it worse. In a short period of time I won't be welcome on the reserve and won't be welcome in the Castle forest reserve. What is next? I would guess the forest reserve North of the Crowsnest and the foothills after that. They have tried this already, but it didn't work out too well in Russia. Its funny however, all these places are going to require "permits" that cost money. Do you see where all this is heading? Ya if it ain't free its not freedom baby.

  4. Phil Burpee24/3/17

    What moronic comments. Try losing 5 or 6 percent of your population to Fentanyl overdoses following on a hundred and fifty years of buffalo extirpation, economic collapse, family dismemberment, hangings, smallpox, land theft, residential schools, language assimilation, poverty, duplicity, lies, rape, malfeasance, racism, teen suicides, Church-sponsored sexual predation, flim-flammery, broken promises, illicit treaties, abrogated contracts, booze, defilement, fork-tongued b.s., hunger, malnutrition, child-theft, lies, lies, lies, mudifying legalese, Indian agents, shrinking reserves, lies, lies and more lies. The Blood are trying their best to prevent yet another wave of White scum from invading their homes and neighbourhoods and killing their children. I take it back about allowing anonymous comments if this is the best they can do. Identify yourselves and live up to your stupidity.

  5. The only moronic comment is yours. Anonymous is correct. If it isn't free, its not freedom. All communist type societies required papers and restricted travel to control their populations. Is this where our country wants to go? If a person was to go back 200 years and list all the offences done to their family, no matter what "race" you are, you could list every crime ever committed including murder by government. These laws only provide the means to further separate our communities and will not keep out drug dealers. We already have laws that make dealing drugs a crime. I fail to see how asking trades people and visitors for money is going to help keep drugs away. Its interesting you used the phrase "white scum" and that speaks volumes on who you are. Racism is only ok against white people? As humanity proceeds into this century hopefully all forms of racism can be overcome and we can all manage this planet to our mutual benefit. People on the reserve need better and more responsible government, as do we all. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves and help our neighbors on the reserves, as we should. Hopefully the white scum plumbers, carpenters, lawyers, road workers, social workers, communications technicians, roofers, truck drivers, food supply workers, doctors, vets and just plain friends of the families still keep coming. Who wouldn`t want to welcome these people FREELY into their community...? If I want to go and visit my buds on the reserve, I need to pay big bucks to do so? I refuse to pay any money towards this crazy taxation scheme. The local reserve members need to fix this, they have to see it will only bring further separation of their community to the rest of the world. The more you separate your community, the more isolation you bring to families already geographically isolated, the more problems you are going to have. I can't imagine living on a farm where people were not allowed legally to visit me. That is called prison. Papers please?


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