Friday, March 24, 2017

Chinook 4-H Multiclub update

Jillanna Hammond, Chinook 4-H Multiclub Reporter - Chinook Multiclub has been busy since December. Each project has been making a ton of progress, learning new skills, and practising old ones. Shooting Sports continues to shoot at the gun range but, changed things up a bit to incorporate archery into their project. Market Hog members received their pigs, Berkshire and Duroc cross. They also spent time learning to identify cuts of meat and judge to find the “perfect pig”. Market Lamb members received their sheep, toured a sheep feedlot operation, and reviewed cuts of meat. When choosing their lambs, they were reminded to look for a good stance, among other qualities. We have one member in the Photography Project and he is making great progress. We are looking forward to seeing his photos. Small Engines members are working hard to rebuild their projects. I’ve heard rumours of carburetor issues. Our single Sewing Project member has completed several projects including some clothes and a purse. She is quite the little seamstress.

Our club hosted the District Judging Workshop this year. We held the event at Heritage acres. Members judged several unique items including a pen of gilts -a female pigs who have not had piglets yet, hay hooks, dress shirts and license plates. It was a fun and informative day where members were very involved. We had the opportunity to attend a district Communications Workshops to improve and learn about public speaking and skills that go along with that. Despite the snowpocalypse and extreme cold, our club held a successful communications night. Several members moved on to District level and Maeran Hinch and Aynsley Nelson made it all the way to Regionals! Congratulations to all members, at all levels for a job well done.

Things are in full swing now and a in a few short months we will be ready for our Achievement Day. Stay tuned for more details!

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