Sunday, March 19, 2017

Choppy seas

Joyce Sasse. Spiritual Gleanings - All of us have faced choppy seas. Maybe you are caught in some kind of storm at this moment – where waves darken the horizon and may even threaten to engulf you.  It may have to do with issues leading to self-esteem. It may concern family matters, feelings of over-commitment, fear and helplessness, not knowing where to turn.

Lent, if we want to use it as an opportunity, gives a space to pause, take a gulp of air and assess our situations. What attitudes need re-adjustment? What resources can we call on?

Sea-going people equip themselves for the possibility of choppy seas by having confidence that their boat is sea-worthy, and by maintaining contact with the main-land.

We can do the same. Remember the kid who said “God made me, and God don’t make junk!” Thanks be, we are built with the capacity to withstand turmoil.

But we need to stay connected to the “mainland”. That’s where we can seek advice about pending conditions and about looking for alternative directions. Ultimately, should we feel we need to send an SOS, help will come to bring us home.

There is a positive Presence who some call God. Sometimes that Presence is felt directly. Sometimes it is experienced through relating with others. That Presence accompanies us on our journey.

Recall the story about seeing sets of footprints in the sand? Sometimes there were two sets, sometimes only one set. In the latter case, the story-teller recognized it to be a time when that Presence carried the distraught person to the next point of mooring.

When your seas seem overwhelming, be assured you are not alone. In life, in death, in life beyond death, you are not alone. That Presence will always be a companion. Lent gives us opportunity to study the charts and consider our alternatives.

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