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Dragons Boys and Kainai Girls win Chinook League's 2017 Post Season Tournament

Boys Gold - St. Michael's Dragons
Girls Gold - Kainai Lady Warriors
Chris Davis - The 2017 Chinook Basketball League 2017 Post Season Tournament was held March 2-4, co-hosted by Pincher Creek's St. Michael's and Matthew Halton High Schools.  Teams from 10 Chinook League member schools participated.  Kainai's Lady Warriors earned Gold in the Girls division.  St. Michael's Dragons earned Gold in the Boys division.  Second place Girls was earned by Matthew Halton's Hawks. Lundbreck's Livingstone Sabres Boys earned Silver.  Third place Girls went to St. Michael's Dragons and third place Boys went to Kainai's Warriors.  The league's year end banquet and awards were held on Friday evening, and is the subject of a separate story (click here).
Girls Silver - Halton Hawks
Boys Silver - Livingstone Sabres
Girls Bronze - St. Michael's Dragons
Boys Bronze - Kainai Warriors

2017 Chinook Basketball League member schools:
Crowsnest Consolidated High School (Pandas and Panthers)
Livingstone School, Lundbreck (Sabres)
St Michael's High School, Pincher Creek (Dragons)
Matthew Halton High School, Pincher Creek (MHHS Hawks)
Piikani School (not present at tournament)
Kainai High School (Warriors, Lady Warriors, JV)
F.P. Walshe High School, Fort Macleod (Flyers)
J.T. Foster High School, Nanton (Knights)
County Central High School, Vulcan (CCHS Hawks)
Noble Central School, Nobleford (Blades)
Coalhurst High School (Trojans, Crusaders)

(photos and video - C. Davis, T. Lucas. Photos - Kim Jorgenson. Stats - Randy Whitehead and numerous volunteers)


Boys - MHHS Hawks defeated CCHS Hawks by a wide margin.

Boys - Hawks vs Hawks

Hawks vs Hawk

Boys - LHS Sabres defeated MHHS Hawks by a wide margin
Top Hawks scorer - Logan Kaack 9 pts
Top Sabres scorers - Eric Smyth 21 pts, Elish Lowry 12 pts, Cole Schweb 10 pts, Quinlan Connelly-Engel 10 pts

Boys Dragons vs Panthers and Warriors

Boys - STM Dragons 68, CNP Panthers 46
Top Panthers scorers - Conner G. 14 pts, Colton M. 11 pts
Top Dragons scorers - Mitchell Zoratti 19 pts, Taite Jessen 19 pts

Girls - MHHS Hawks vs Blades and Crusaders

Girls - MHHS Hawks 39, Noble Blades 36
Top Blades scorer - Jayme 18 pts
Top Hawks scorers -  Alisha Stevenson 8 pts, Lucy Gerrand 7 pts

Hawks vs Blades
Lady Warriors vs Pandas and Crusaders

Girls - KHS Lady Warriors defeated CNP Pandas by a wide margin
Top Pandas scorer - Ashley 7 pts
Top Lady Warriors scorers - Darcia 16 pts, Taylor 12 pts, Maggie 11 pts

Girls - CHS  Crusaders 38, Kainai JV 31

Top Kainai JV scorer - Carly Shot Both Sides 10 pts
Top Crusaders scorers - Sheila 13 pts, Megan 10 pts

Girls SV Dragons vs Vulcan, Kainai, and Coalhurst

Girls - STM Dragons defeated CCHS Hawks by a wide margin
Top Hawks scorers - D. Gamel 17 pts, C. Puzey 10 pts
Top Dragons scorers - Madison Arnold 26 pts, Abby Smith 14 pts, Sydney Bruder 13 pts, Olivia Citrigno 12 pts

Boys: Warriors vs Blades and Trojans

Boys - KHS Warriors 85, Noble Blades 79
Top Blades scorers - Bryce 36 pts, Simon 16 pts
Top Warriors scorers - Wyatt 26 pts, Shane 14 pts

Warriors vs Blades
Boys - CHS Trojans 80, JTF Knights 71
Top Knights scorers - John 18 pts, Tyler 14 pts, Ried 11 pts, Brandon M. 11 pts
Top Trojans scorers - Lincoln 30 pts, Hunter 23 pts

Boys - Trojans vs Knights and Sabres

Girls - MHHS Hawks vs Blades and Crusaders

Girls - MHHS Hawks 34, CHS Crusaders 32
Top Crusaders scorer - Megan 8 pts
Top Hawks scorer - Lucy Gerrand 14 pts

Girls MHHS Hawks vs Crusaders
Girls - KHS Lady Warriors defeated STM Dragons by a wide margin
Top Dragons scorers - Abby Smith 14 pts, Ashton Kootenhayoo 10 pts
Top Lady Warriors scorers - Maggie 18 pts, Darcia 16 pts

Lady Warriors vs Dragons

Boys - Trojans vs Knights and Sabres

Boys - LHS Sabres defeated CHS Trojans by a wide margin
Crusaders top scorer - Hunter 8 pts
Sabres top scorers - Elisha Lowry 12 pts, Brady Douglas 12 pts, Brock Gatzky 11 pts

Sabres vs Trojans
Boys - STM Dragons 71, KHS Warriors 66

Top Warriors scorers - Tyreece 16 pts, Cabe 14 pts, Wyatt 11 pts
Top Dragons scorers - Mitchell Zoratti 21 pts, Michael Svab 18 pts, Calvin Cooley 15 pts

Girls for Third - STM Dragons 39, CHS Crusaders 29
Crusaders top scorer - Megan 11 pts
Dragons top scorer - Olivia Citrigno 14 pts

Boys for Third - KHS Warriors 67, CHS Crusaders 63
Top Crusaders scorers - Collin 17 pts, Shawn 14 pts, Lincoln 14 pts
Top Warriors scorer - Wyatt 29 pts

The Coalhurst Crusaders finished the regular season ranked 9th in the ASAA 1A boys rankings.

Game 15: Girls Final - KHS Lady Warriors 62, MHHS Hawks 39
Kainai's Lady Warriors defeated the Halton Hawks to earn Gold and become the Chinook League's 2017 Girls Champions. Silver for the Hawks.

Top Hawks scorer - Beyonce Crow Shoe 8 pts
Top Lady Warriors scorers - Darcia 13 pts, Jaidii 10 pts

Girls Final - Lady Warriors vs MHHS Hawks

Lady Warriors vs Halton Hawks

Game 16: Boys Final - STM Dragons 58, LHS Sabres 50

The Dragons upset the Sabres to earn Gold and become the Chinook League's 2017 Boys Champions. Silver for the Sabres. It was the third game in eight days between these two fiery teams. The Dragons defeated the Sabres 52-47 in the Hawks Classic final on February 25. On February 28 the Sabres defeated the Dragons in a regular season make-up game 64-44 at the St. Michael's gym. The Sabres finished the regular season at the top of the Chinook League and the 1A Boys ASAA provincial rankings.  The Dragons finished the regular season second in the Chinook League rankings and third int the 1a Boys ASAA provincial rankings.

Boys Final - Dragons vs Sabres
Boys Final - Dragons vs Sabres


Graduating Dragons
Isaak Bustard, Dexter Obrique, Mitchell Zoratti, Michael Svab, Adam Sundberg, Calvin Cooley, Levi Root


Holy Spirit Catholic Schools Trustee (and Dragons fan) Judy Lane

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