Sunday, March 19, 2017

Melancholy of Love

Shellie Byers

The lone wind howls across the yard,
And nowhere do you greet me -
The cold earth entombs..its so hard...
To feel everything seems empty.
I can not see your face or call your name,
Endless tears sting my skin in the chilled air -
I held back a piece of your red, flowing mane,
But this grief consumes me I cannot share.

How many times did you make me smile,
Two kindred souls bound from youth -
Now alone, I walk this quarter mile,
Without the outlined trace of a hoof.
An icy shard has pierced my heart,
The overwhelming silence burns -
You were beautiful and kind and smart,
To touch your face again, my heart yearns.
Calling me with that uncertain cry,
One last time you raised your head -
God in that moment I wanted to die,
I wanted another choice instead.
Ten days have faded from my hand,
Yet my soul cries over the years -
I want to hug his neck, I can't stand,
I am drowning in endless tears.
God let me see Stargazer some day,
Running to me , calling at heaven' s gate -
Please love him as I have, this I pray
I thank you for intertwining us in your fate.

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