Monday, March 6, 2017

Local youth Todd Crowshoe skates with Calgary Flames

Todd Crowshoe with Flames flag before game against the Islanders
(Calgary Flames photo)

K. Jorgenson and C. Davis - Pincher Creek's Todd Crowshoe travelled to the Calgary Saddledome on Sunday, March 5, where he skated with the Flames during their pre-game warmup and stood with them for the singing of O Canada before their game against the New York Islanders. The Flames won that contest 5-2. Todd is a 7 year old Flames fan who is in grade 2 at Canyon School. He's also a forward with the Piikani Warriors hockey team.

Todd and his mom Dixie attended a Flames game a few weeks ago and Todd was chatty with the attendants at the service booths. Dixie used her Scotia Bank card to pay and that allowed one of the attendants to nominate Todd as the Scotia Bank skater. Dixie received an email a couple days later and she answered all the questions and they selected Todd for the honour.

(Calgary Flames photo)
Todd said it was a little intimidating at first.  “I was nervous being on the ice in front of all the people. I tripped on the cord from the camera man and the flag went in my face, but it was the camera man’s fault. After I tripped I realized I didn’t need to be nervous anymore.”

“The goalie #1 Ryan Elliott asked me to come and stand with him on the blue line when they sang O Canada. They all followed me when I lead them out onto the ice. They were all nice.”

Todd Crowshoe
When asked if there was anything he'd like to say to thank the Flames for inviting him, Todd said “I think it’s special that they picked me and gave me a Calgary Flames jersey. I’d like to tell them thank you very much. I especially want to thank Riley for being my tour guide and helping me understand all the things I had to do so I wouldn’t be nervous on the ice. Afterward I got to stay and watch the whole game, and the Flames won. They lost the last time I went, so maybe I gave them luck skating around on the ice with them.”

Todd Crowshoe (foreground) during O Canada

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