Sunday, March 19, 2017

TMS wins SWJHAA B Girls Basketball Post Season banner

Champions: TMS B Girls Eagles
Silver: MHS B Girls Hawks
Bronze: STM B Girls Dragons
C. Davis - Kainai's Tatsikiisaapo'p Middle School B Girls Eagles won the South Western Junior High Athletic Association (SWJHAA) 2017 banner after defeating Matthew Halton's Hawks 55-41 in the SWJHAA Post Season Final on March 11. The tournament was held at Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek. The Hawks placed second, and St. Michael's Dragons placed third. Six teams competed in a total of seven games.

The games:

Game 1: MHS Hawks defeated F.P.Walshe Flyers 1 by a wide margin.

Top scorers for the Hawks were Ronin with (20 pts), Abilgal (15 pts), and Noa (13 pts).

Game 2: St. Michael's Dragons defeated J.T. Foster Raiders by a wide margin.

Top scorer for the Dragons was Caitlin K. (6 pts).

Game 3: WCCHS Cobras defeated F.P. Walshe Flyers by a wide margin.

Top scorers for the Cobras were Mya (15 pts) and Liddi (11 pts). K. Marshall (6 pts) was top scorer for the Flyers.

Game 4: TMS Eagles 48, STM Dragons 37

Top Eagles scorers were L.A. Tail Feathers (23 pts) and K. First Rider (12 pts). Top Dragons scorers were Caitlin, Mckinney, and Jacey with 8 points each.

Game 5: MHS Hawks 43, WCCHS Cobras 31

Top Cobras scorers were Sahra (11 pts) and Mya (6 pts). Top Hawks scorers were Abigail (15 pts), Noa (10 pts), Robin (10 pts), and Hailey (8 pts).

Game 6 for Third: STM Dragons 32, WCCHS Cobras 27

The Dragons had a strong first and final quarter and the Cobras had a strong third quarter in this very competitive game. Top Cobras scorers were Kaitlyn (7 pts), Sahra (6 pts), Mya (6 pts). Top Dragons scorers were Mckinney (10 pts) and Caitlyn (6 pts). Bronze for the Dragons.

Game 7 for First and Second: TMS Eagles 55, MHS Hawks 41

The TMS Eagles concluded their romp through the SWJHAA with this win against the Hawks. The Hawks had very strong second and third quarters, and the Eagles were consistently strong throughout. Top Hawks scorers were Noa (18 pts), Robin (9 pts), and Hailey (6 pts). Top Eagles scorers were L.A. Tailfeathers (20 pts), K. First Rider (19 pts), and J. Many Fingers (14 pts).  Gold for the Eagles, Silver for the Hawks.

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