Sunday, April 16, 2017

Let loose in the world

The Ascension (Gustave Doré courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings - “Is he dead?” Pilate’s wife asked the soldier after he returned from the tomb. She had taken notice of this Jesus of Nazareth when he was brought before her husband earlier in the week. Now she’d heard strange rumours and wondered what the truth really was. “No, Madame,” the soldier replied. “He is not dead.”

“Not dead!” She could hardly believe her ears. “Not dead! Then where is he?”

“Let loose in the world, Madame,” came the reply. “Let loose in the world where nothing can corrupt his truth.”

“Let loose in the world.” Those words, written by an unknown poet, have been most helpful to me as I try to understand the meaning of the resurrection and how it impacts my calling to ministry.

They were central to me as I ministered in a community where a 5-year-old was dying of cancer. There was nothing more anyone could do except be there for each other. Our strength resided in the strength of An-Other lifting us, carrying us.

“Let loose in the world” echoed through the seven years of prairie drought we faced in Saskatchewan. We realized our repeated phrase “Next Year Country” was a Statement of Faith.

The affirmation of our belief in the land and in each other, in the stories we share and the prayers we offer are testaments to the way the Spirit, let loose in the world, helps us find purpose and hope.

Now, as I reach my Senior years, I’m challenged to better understand the mysteries of life, and accept the reality of death. The Creed says it so well – “In life, in death, in life-beyond-death, we are not alone.”

Easter Blessings are ours because the Spirit had been “let loose in the world”. Thanks be to God.

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