Wednesday, April 19, 2017

MLA Stier questions ministers on water co-operatives funding

Wildrose Party -
On April 12 Wildrose Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier questioned the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure on water co-operatives funding. The Leavings Water Co-op near Claresholm is out of a local supply of water and has met with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regarding their urgent need to supply over 550 people with reliable, clean water.

The Leavings Water Co-op has been refused on the basis that there are apparently no grants available for this purpose. MLA Stier rose to ask the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure why Leavings Water Co-op has not been given an opportunity to apply for the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.

“These are normally funded by joint federal and provincial programs. In this year's federal budget, actually, is a program for $165 million destined for Alberta known as the green infrastructure clean water and waste-water fund to supply communities with clean, dependable drinking water. Minister, has your ministry received this funding?”

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  1. Pat, you have come to the right place. The Staff and Council of the M.D. of Pincher Creek is EXPERT at tapping into all these grants. They have been able to fund a regional water system and, believe it or not, gain access to some $15 million to supply water and sewer to some 80 residents of Beaver Mines (some of which don't even want the services).
    Pincher Creek is so good at accessing grant money that they are able to submit DRAFT, UNSIGNED and NOT STAMPED engineering documents in support of their application and still get funding. They can fund projects without adressing residents concerns. They are able to submit the most expensive proposals and still get funding. They accomplish all this with little or no oversight, simply rubber stamping the recommendations made by a contract engineering company.
    So, Pat, stop worrying about the Federal government borrowing money to give out these grants. If you really want to help the Leavings Water Co-op, I suggest you have expertise within your own riding that could be utilized to help move this thing forward. These people can pipe water from Cowley to Castle Mtn. Resort, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to pipe from Cowley to Claresholm. Heck, once they turn this over to the engineers, the good folks in Claresholm will probably get a long distance sewer pipeline and some lagoons as well.


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