Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Municipal District of Pincher Creek and area Citizen's Statement for the Castle Parks

At the Tuesday, March 14 meeting of council for the MD of Pincher Creek, a citizens' delegation was represented by Teresa Hlady, who read from a statement regarding the Castle parks that included the signatures of approximately 200 people. Here's a large excerpt of the statement:

"As citizens of the MD of Pincher Creek and area, we are here today to make a statement in support of the Castle Parks. It has come to our attention that statements made by the MD of Pincher Creek to the . Government of Alberta on our behalf do not reflect our views.

We request that the MD Council reflect our views in this matter:

1. We support and commend the Government of Alberta for using evidence-based decision making to legally protect the myriad values in the Castle Parks. The need to protect the Castle Parks is not new to the MD of PC Council. The recommendations for protecting and sustaining our environment and source-water watersheds for the benefit of all go back to at least 1974.

2. We support and commend the Government of Alberta for working with indigenous groups to explore how the parks can be managed cooperatively.

3. We support and commend the Government of Alberta for a quick phase-out of OHV use in the Castle Parks.

4. We support and commend the Government of Alberta in bringing forward the Castle Tourism Strategy that will provide economic diversification opportunities for all communities in the area of the Castle Parks. The Castle Parks have the potential to be a cornerstone of economic diversification and sustainability in this area - it is time to embrace them.

5. We encourage the Government of Alberta to engage a full spectrum of recreational users to develop and implement environmentally-sound land-use and recreation management standards for public lands along the East Slopes."

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