Friday, April 7, 2017

Pincher Creek Curling Club 2016/17 final league standings

The 2016/17 Pincher Creek Curling Club season has come to an end, and final league standings have been released (see below).  It's been another season of fun on the sheets and building woes.  The club continues to work towards a viable option to continue curling in Pincher Creek, despite a few setbacks.   Club President Jessie Nelson continues to look to the future.  "School programs are very important for future curlers," she says. "During this season we have put a lot of students through our school program as well."

Learning to curl
"Lana Zoratti has been the one in charge of the schools for the last few years and she has some very important volunteers that have helped her through, considering it is a substantial amount of volunteer hours. For information on our school program her number is 403-627-2643 and email is ."

Pincher Creek Curling Club
League Standings 
2016-2017 Season

Ladies: Katie Lemire Team - Katie Lemire, Lisa Holoboff, Glenda Kettles, Amanda Cyr 


Katie Lemire Team
Carrie Kinahan Team
Phyllis Abramenko Team
Brenda Heisler Team
Margaret Bignold Team
Jenni Newman Team

Men's First Place - Francis Cyr Team - Kyle Williams, Francis Cyr and Charlie Price


Francis Cyr Team
Bob Reed Team
Eden’s Funeral Home Team
Lee Hochstein Team
Rocky Reed Team

Mixed First Place - Hochstein Team - Marie-Helene Hochstein, Rocky Reed, Katie Lemire, Lisa Holoboff 


Hochstein Team
Tied - Nelson Team and Anderberg Team
Zoratti Team
Williams Team
Robertson Team
Co-operators Team
Eden’s Funeral Home Team
Tied-Wescott Team and Nicas Team
Christie Mines Team
Cyr Team

Sturling: Garry Cleland presenting trophy to Sylvia Barbero


Ernie Olsen and Sylvia Barbero
Tied - Dennis Cleland and Garry Cleland / Daryl Bratz and Dennis Zalasky
Mel Cleland and Ruth May
Daryl Holte and Barb Crook
Kathryn Peters and Jo Baker

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