Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New windmills planned for Cowley Ridge

Cowley Ridge today
Chris Davis - At their regular meeting of May 23, 2017 council for the Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 discussed a report from Planning and Development Director of Development and Community Services Roland Milligan regarding land use amendment bylaw 1275-17, which would allow for new wind power development on the decommissioned portion of the Cowley Ridge wind farm site. Cowley Ridge was Canada's first commercial wind site, and as Milligan pointed out, would be Canada's first re-powered commercial wind site. The site was decommissioned last year after 23 years of operation and 57 turbines were removes, having passed their 20-year design lifespan. TransAlta Corporation submitted an application to amend the land use bylaw. TransAlta wants repower the site with 5 to 7 larger turbines with a combined generation capacity up 20 MW. The total output for the site was 24.1 MW before it was decommissioned.

Town of Pincher Creek to release up to $1.3 million for Crestview Lodge rebuild

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek agreed to release up to $1.3 million dollars to Crestview Lodge for the smooth continuation of the construction project that has been in progress during this year. The funds were originally committed in April 2014. The 2014 agreement was based on an estimated total construction cost of $13,000,000. That estimate laid out an expectation of 75% federal/provincial funding. The current estimated cost is $12.2 million total cost for construction to completion.

STARS called to transport injured man to Calgary

Toni Lucas - Pincher Creek Emergency Services were called to the site of an agricultural accident at approximately 1:00 pm on Wednesday, May 31.  A man in his 50s was stuck by a piece of equipment and suffered serious injuries.  The incident occurred approximately one kilometre southwest of the Crowsnest Pass/Pincher Creek Landfill, near Lundbreck.  A person who was working nearby called 911 immediately.

PCES spent approximately 15 minutes on scene stabilizing the patient for transport.  The man was transported to Pincher Creek Health facility, then later taken to Calgary by STARS air ambulance.

Simple precautions can reduce risk of hantavirus

Alberta Health Services South Zone - Alberta Health Services (AHS) is reminding Albertans to take simple steps to protect themselves from hantavirus.  Hantavirus, a potentially fatal illness that primarily affects the lungs/respiratory system, is caused when humans inhale particles of urine or feces from an infected rodent, which become airborne when disturbed. Anyone who disturbs areas of mice or mice droppings can be at risk.

MD of Pincher Creek to receive $296,170 in STIP funding for culvert projects

Detail from Government of Alberta map of 2017/18 STIP funded projects (showing southwestern Alberta)
Chris Davis - Today the Alberta Government announced $100 million in Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) funding for 87 municipal road, bridge and community airport projects in 50 communities across the province over three years, including more than $37 million approved for projects in 2017 and 2018. The Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 has been approved for a total STIP contribution of $296,170 for two culvert replacement projects. One of those projects is the replacement of a culvert on Township Road 60 over Kettles Creek near the Town of Pincher Creek, and the other is the replacement of a culvert on Township Road 94A over South Todd Creek near Burmis. The municipality will contribute $66,957 total in funding for the two projects. Nearby, the County of Cardston has been promised $1,025,764 in STIP funding toward four bridge rehabilitation projects, and the MD of Willow Creek has been promised $589,650 in STIP funding toward a bridge replacement project on Flying E Road over Kuntz Creek.

Suspected fentanyl dealers arrested in Fort Macleod

RCMP Alberta - A joint forces investigation involving ALERT Lethbridge, Fort Macleod RCMP, and Blood Tribe Police resulted in the arrest of two suspected fentanyl dealers. Three homes and two vehicles were searched in Fort Macleod, Alberta on May 25, 2017. The investigation targeted two drug dealers who are accused of supplying fentanyl on the Blood Tribe First Nation Reserve.

“Fentanyl has caused enough harm to our respective communities. Our agencies are committed to working together to target those individuals who continue to sell this deadly drug,” said Sgt. Laura Akitt of the Fort Macleod RCMP.

Lethbridge police seek assistance to locate missing man

Missing: Darrell Lendrum
Lethbridge Police Service - Lethbridge Police are seeking the public’s assistance to locate a missing 49-year-old man. Darrell Lendrum was last seen in Lethbridge on May 25, 2017. Attempts to locate Lendrum have been unsuccessful and police are concerned for his well-being.

Lendrum is described as a Caucasian male, about 185 cm tall, 100 kg with brown hair and blue eyes. He is believed to be operating a white 2004 Chevrolet Silverado truck with license plate ZVT-633 and may have been headed to the Pincher Creek, Waterton or Crowsnest Pass areas.

Anyone who may have observed Lendrum or his vehicle, or has information on his whereabouts, is asked to contact police at 403-328-4444.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Everything that is made must be destroyed

Blake Friesen
Most schools ban weapons. At one school, they make them. A student explores Sabre Days at Livingstone School.

Blake Friesen, Livingstone School - Maker Day. One of the three Sabre Days we have per year. As a passive observer tasked with recording the day, I walk into the art room where people will be creating medieval weapons and armour. After a long and boring -- but ultimately necessary, as proven by “the incident” that occurred fifteen minutes later -- safety talk, people head off to collect materials, and the first thing I hear is “I need a secret stash of cardboard.” students made these weapons chiefly out of cardboard, duct tape, and spray paint. All of these things were highly contested, from what I could tell. For instance, a discussion on duct tape:

The glamour of duct tape

Carley Graf
Making clothes from duct tape sounds like a perfect session for a hillbilly. After all, spare clothes are always a good thing, right? However, at Livingstone School, we have more class than hillbillies. (Or perhaps more non-hillbillies than hillbillies?) Our writer explains.

Carley Graf, Livingstone School - Today (May 12) was one of our school’s special event days, named after our school mascot, the Sabre. We’ve experienced everything from outdoor adventures to smearing paint and throwing around sticky notes until you have something presentable. (This is called “art”.) Today is all about making and trying to create. Trying.

The cure for boredom

Alex Hartgerink,

During family vacations, boredom can be deadly. Alex explores a Maker Day session in which students brainstorm how to avoid such a terrible fate.

Alex Hartgerink, Livingstone School - Boredom during family vacations: the deadly disease that kills children. Wait, maybe it’s killing parents. Well, either way, we need a solution, so that’s what these children are looking for. The first thing that happened on the morning of our third and last Sabre Day was a meeting. The children were asked what they hated most about long road trips. They conversed with partners and then shared them with the group. Some were actually pretty funny. My brother, who happened to be in this session, immediately said, “I hate my sisters.” Thanks, kid. Chase whined about how trips are too slow. McKinley said that she can never find a comfortable position to sleep in and she gets car sick. Seandra was saying that her sister always lies her head on her shoulder.

Sabres Maker Day challenged young minds

Toni Lucas - Livingstone School held a Sabres Day on Friday, May 12.   The theme for this Sabres Spirit Event was Maker Day.  All the students participated in making and experienced the frustrations and triumphs of moving something through the thought process of ideas, envisioning and creation.  Students could pick from a myriad of categories.  A the end of the day the school assembled in the gym with their projects to allow everyone the chance to view other projects and learn from each other.

Premier Notley issues statement on British Columbia election

Government of Alberta - Premier Rachel Notley has issued the following statement about developments following the British Columbia election:

“As political events unfold in British Columbia, the Alberta government remains committed to working with our B.C. neighbours to advance our shared interests.

Alberta RCMP reports to May 30, 2017

  • Pincher Creek RCMP summary to May 28
  • Redcliff RCMP investigate dangerous driver
  • Gunshots fired during car chase near Airdrie
  • Armed robbery at Airdrie gas station
  • Suspects sought in Erskine thefts
  • St. Paul RCMP investigate shots fired at residence
  • Suspicious incident involving a child in Sherwood Park
  • Trafficking charges for Red Deer man
  • Armed robbery of Red Deer taxi driver
  • Two charged in Medicine Hat meth bust
  • '68 Camaro stolen near Balzac
  • Fatal MVC near Vulcan
  • Fatal motorcycle collision on Hwy 43
  • Grande Prairie RCMP investigate early morning fires
  • Stettler theft suspect sought by police
  • Alberta woman held captive in South Carolina
  • Edmonton teacher arrested for child pornography offences
  • Red Deer RCMP look for lottery ticket and vehicle thief
  • Lethbdridge woman charged for online threats

Men's clothing desperately needed by Lethbridge's Streets Alive Mission

Streets Alive Mission  - Streets Alive Mission are in desperate need and are asking the Lethbridge community to support their PIN Bank with Men’s Clothing donations. Currently there is little to no stock on the shelves. Please donate to help those in need in our local community.

Alberta RCMP warns against binary option scams

RCMP Alberta -  Every year, thousands of Albertans fall victims to fraud, losing millions of dollars. Most people don’t believe it could happen to them, but fraudsters use sophisticated ways to target people of all ages. Last year, there were a total of 8,317 cases of fraud reported in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions from January to October.

Some of the most common scams in Canada in 2016 included:

Theft of diesel fuel and fuel pump system in Fort Macleod

RCMP Alberta - Sometime between 10:00 pm on May 26 and 6:00 am on May 27, 2017 approximately 1200 to 1600 litres of diesel fuel was stolen from a large fuel tank belonging to Rulam Contracting. The fuel tank was situated at the corner of 8th Avenue and 14th Street and east of the Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange in Fort Macleod, Alberta. The fuel pump and hose mechanism were also removed from the fuel tank and stolen.

The RCMP in Fort Macleod are actively investigating this theft and are seeking public assistance. Anyone who may have information regarding this theft is asked to contact the RCMP in Fort Macleod at 403-553-7200 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Fire Safety for Kids being offered once again in Pincher Creek

Group Group Youth Society - The Group Group Youth Society is once again giving local youngsters the opportunity to participate in an educational fire safety initiative designed to prevent fire-related injuries and fatalities. This will be the fifth time the society of has committed to bringing safety resources to area kids.

Blue Weed Blitz to return for a 15th year

Issak Bustard at MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 council meeting

Date corrected for accuracy.
T. Lucas/C. Davis - On May 23, 2017 Isaak Bustard appeared before both local councils at their regular meetings, as a representative of the Pincher Creek Watershed Group (PCWG).  Bustard told the councils about the upcoming 15th Annual Blue Weed Blitz, which is scheduled to happen *
July 8, 2017. Bustard said "The Pincher Creek Watershed Group was created by concerned landowners of the state of the creek and the amount of these obnoxious weeds that were growing along the shore of our Pincher Creek. So we created the Blueweed Blitz, which is an annual weed where we collect on average 4,000 pounds of weeds in a day, which is demolishing thousands of plants and collecting billions of seeds, preventing them from further spreading."

Sunday, May 28, 2017

In our ending is our beginning

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings - Who can deny that spring is a miracle? Bulbs and seeds, still buried and frozen, start to shoot toward the light. What calls them?

The words of the hymn of spring speaks so poignantly. “In the bulb there is a flower; in the seed an apple tree; in cocoons a hidden promise - butterflies will soon be free!” Composer and poet Natalie Sleeth’s words are simply beautiful.

“In the cold and snow of winter, there’s a spring that waits to be, unrevealed until its season something God alone can see.” - Natalie Sleeth

Be still and Know that I am the Lord

Lebel Rose Garden

Shellie Byers - Early in the morning I walked to the rose garden at Lebel Mansion. The breeze gently rustled the newly birthed leaves on the trees. The air is crisp and fresh with morning dew. The birds sing praises to the Lord in the sunny sky and there is a peaceful quiet throughout the town. The breeze carries the soothing aroma of mountain air and apple blossoms. I breathe in deeply and close my eyes and say " thank you Lord for this beautiful morning."

New life can be yours

Pastor Chris Ney - Life is hard at the best of times, family can be awesome and yet challenging, they are not always there for you. Then there are some of the people at church that are full of people who smile and pretend like everything is ok. Then things go sideways and we find out what either family means or faith. People get hurt and wounded in the name of trying to do the right things, sometimes that isn’t the case and the right things is really just damaging to those around us. In the war between the flesh and the Spirit we get beat up by those who we thought were on our team.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Teaching respect for water a community effort

Photos courtesy of Waterton Biosphere Reserve, unless otherwise noted
Toni Lucas - Water is essential to life. On Wednesday, May 24 the general public and a number of students in the Pincher Creek area got the chance to learn more about water, and the waterway they live on. Day on the Creek included seven stations set up throughout the town and surrounding area with a host of information to share and 17 activities.

Mustangs Football requests new field from the Town of Pincher Creek

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek heard from a Pincher Creek Mustangs Football delegation at their May 22 regular meeting.  Mustangs coach and organizer Jeremy Nelson said the Mustangs have been in town for over 20 years and would like a new football field.  "I say a facility, that we all can call home. Not just a football facility but a community facility.  Something that football,  soccer, and rugby could use." He explained each of these sports need a large field, and their seasons don't overlap very much.  The Mustangs currently play almost all of their games at the Matthew Halton High School field.  "Personally, I have heard our field referred to as a bone breaker," said Nelson.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Alberta RCMP reports to May 25, 2017

  • Pincher Creek RCMP Summary to May 21
  • Canada-wide arrant issued for Patrick Globensky
  • Strathmore B&E suspect arrested
  • Charges laid in Red Deer home invasion
  • Residential B&Es in Grandin area
  • Series of calls in Eden Valley
  • Fatal Elk Point MVC
  • Vehicle thefts in Okotoks
  • MVC near Alix
  • Airdrie RCMP charge pair fleeing from stolen vehicle
  • Suspicious person call leads to arrest for stolen vehicle
  • ATB employee charged after $250,000 theft
  • B&E in Coronation
  • Fatal Killam house fire
  • Fatal Collision on Highway 16
  • Fatal MVC near Nevis
  • Elk Point RCMP charge man with second degree murder
  • Assault and robbery in St. Albert
  • Kayaker located deceased 
  • Red Deer RCMP responds to firearms complaint
  • RCMP rescue couple after raft collapses
  • Search warrant at Rimbey residence

Skills Canada competitors proudly representing their schools

Livingstone Range School Division  - Students from across Livingstone Range School Division and around the country are once again challenging themselves and their schoolmates in the annual Skills Canada Competitions, which bring young people together to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in trade and technology careers.

Albertans encouraged to continue proper cooking of oysters following outbreak conclusion

Alberta Health Services -  On May 11, the Public Health Agency of Canada declared the outbreak of gastrointestinal illnesses linked to consumption of raw oysters from BC over. Though the outbreak – which sickened 42 Albertans – has concluded, Alberta Health Services (AHS) continues to remind Albertans of the health risks associated with consumption of raw oysters, and encourages all Albertans to take precautions.

Jamie Ahksistowaki Medicine Crane named U of L Alumna of the Year

Jamie Ahksistowaki Medicine Crane
University of Lethbridge - An activist, advocate, educator and artist, Jamie Ahksistowaki Medicine Crane (BEd ’05) has made an indelible impression on the way education is delivered to Indigenous communities, all the while promoting Indigenous rights, women’s rights, human rights and justice. The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association is pleased to recognize Medicine Crane as the 2017 Alumna of the Year.

Theft of phones, possession of stolen vehicle, flight from police in Fort Macleod

RCMP Alberta - On Thursday May 18, 2017, Fort Macleod RCMP received a complaint of a theft of phones from Photo Plus/The Source. Members went to the business and observed surveillance video of the incident. A suspect vehicle was identified which was located a short time later on Main St. in Fort Macleod. A traffic stop was attempted but the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed. Further investigation found the vehicle they were driving to be stolen, they had also used a credit card which was stolen the same morning from an employee of a different business in Fort Macleod. The suspect vehicle was located abandoned Thursday afternoon near Monarch. Both suspects are believed to be from the Lethbridge area. If you recognize either of the suspects or have information regarding this theft or any other crime please contact the Fort Macleod RCMP at (403) 553-7200 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Travel trailer and dirt bikes stolen near Fort Macleod

RCMP Alberta - On May 17, 2017, the Fort Macleod RCMP received a report of a stolen travel trailer and two dirt bikes from crown land near Beaver Creek Road west of Fort Macleod, AB. The theft took place between afternoon of May 14, 2017 and May 17, 2017. Stolen property included: a2014 Heatland, Road Warrior, 415RW travel trailer and toy hauler. AB: 4AN829 ; a 2017 KTM 85 SX Orange Off road motorcycle. AB: JSY 96; a 2014 KTM 450SXFSE Orange Off road motorcycle. AB: GSH17 and miscellaneous dirt bike equipment.

If you have information regarding this theft or any other crime please contact the Fort Macleod RCMP at (403) 553-7200 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Monday, May 22, 2017

Notes from April 24 and May 8 meetings of Pincher Creek's town council

Toni Lucas - The council for the Town of Pincher Creek met during the regular meetings on Monday, April 24 and Monday, May 8 when they voted on a number of issues brought forward for consideration.
  • Representation from the Town at events
  • Pincher Creek to support Vegerville in protest of Case Processing Centre shutdown
  • Council on board with wear the gear contest
  • Celestial Sweets Bakery under consideration to revert to housing
  • Alberta SouthWest proposes a Castle Park Tourism Study

My Experiential Learning Week in Lethbridge

At the VRKADE in Lethbridge
(l-r) First row: Irvin Provost, Euwen Erickson, Cassandra, Sebastien C., Christian S., William S. Curtis 
Second row: Mr. Lamont, Mrs. Hankey, Joshua Fitzgerald, Brook Balazs, and Eva Bliss

Irvin Provost - Matthew Halton High School (MHHS) hosted their bi-annual event, “Experiential Learning Week” during the first week of May. As part of MHHS’s learning initiative, the school offers students week-long courses that give a chance to students to experience hands experience to a student. As a student, I chose to participate in the school’s collaborative-course between MHHS and the University of Lethbridge. The activities of the trip included a campus tour, a chance to explore the facilities, and attend a class. Our course gave us the chance to meet with professors, who presented issues related to water. Overall, our week gave the nine of us a look at the transition between high school and post-secondary life.

Submit a tick to Alberta’s surveillance program

Government of Alberta - Albertans are encouraged to submit ticks they find on themselves and their animals to help government monitor the types of ticks found in the province. Albertans can present ticks they find in the environment or on themselves to an Environmental Public Health Office, a First Nations Health Centre or a physician. Ticks found on pets or livestock should be submitted to a veterinarian. Information on how to remove a tick and submit it to the program is available on Alberta Health’s website.

Alberta RCMP reports to May 22, 2017

  • Fatal collision near Picture Butte
  • Vegreville woman charged for multiple B&Es
  • Wood Buffalo search warrants result in multiple charges
  • B&E to Richardson Pioneer Grain Elevators
  • Vehicle drives into pond in Blackfalds
  • Semi hits truck and fence on Hwy 2
  • Traffic stop leads to fentanyl seizure
  • Online threats made to school
  • Getting a handle on crime in Grande Prairie
  • Cochrane RCMP investigating fire at McDougall Church
  • Killam RCMP investigate armed robbery
  • Many stolen identity documents recovered in Sylvan Lake
  • Suspicious activity at school in Innisfail

Congratulations to the 2017 Graduands of Matthew Halton High School

Matthew Haltom High School 2017 Graduating Class
Photos: Lifetouch Photography

Matthew Halton High School 2017 Graduands will be attending their graduation ceremonies including the Cap and Gown Ceremony at Matthew Halton High School at 9:00 am and the Spring Celebration at 2:00 pm the Pincher Creek Community Hall on Saturday, May 27th.

Congratulations to the Matthew Halton High School Class of 2017 from the Pincher Creek Voice.

Solutions and substitutions with Reena

Reena Nerbas

Dear Reena,

I am not only getting tired of replacing numerous plug-in air fresheners around my home, but it is also becoming expensive. Do you have a recipe for homemade air fresheners? Thanks, in advance. Ruth

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Food sharing memories

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings - I grew up in a context where quality of food and good cooking went hand-in-hand. A recent radio discussion, about bake sales and (some) modern-day women, has brought memories to mind.

When I was a student minister in the 50’s, the wife of a retired lawyer told about being the “city girl” who was newest village bride. Not only did she face a wood-coal stove for the first time, but she had to take her turn hosting the Ladies Aid. “I started my baking a month ahead so I would have two or three things that were presentable for the meeting!”

Friday, May 19, 2017

Fenatanyl bust in Lethbridge

ALERT - The execution of a search warrant at a west Lethbridge apartment has resulted in the seizure of 400 fentanyl pills and two people being arrested on drug-related charges.  On May 17, 2017, ALERT Lethbridge’s organized crime and gang team arrested two men in a vehicle after receiving information about suspected fentanyl trafficking. They then obtained warrants to search the westside apartment where one of the men lived.  When the warrants were executed, 400 fentanyl pills were seized. The vehicle in which the two men were arrested earlier in the day was also searched, and police seized cellphones, a small amount of cash and an additional fentanyl pill.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fundraiser established for Pincher Creek couple who lost their home to fire recently

A GoFundMe page has been established for a Pincher Creek couple who lost their home to a fire on May 14.  They lost everything they owned, including two cats, needed medicines and hearings aids, their vehicle, and all their possessions.  They have hotel accommodations for a short while, but have no clear picture of their future after that.

Provincial campgrounds get funding boost

Government of Alberta - Alberta’s provincial parks will receive $54.2 million this year for improvements to campgrounds, new picnic tables and improved infrastructure.  The funding is part of a five-year, $239-million plan to revitalize and expand the provincial parks system after years of underfunding that left shelters, roads and sewers in poor condition.

AWA: Alberta's oil sands, coal mines security not keeping pace with risks

Alberta Wilderness Association, - The Alberta Energy Regulator has reported that oil sands and coal mine cleanup liabilities in 2016 rose to 17 times greater than the dollars held in trust by the regulator to help pay for cleanup, compared to 13 times greater in 2014. Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) requests that Alberta’s Mine Financial Security Program be reformed, and the Auditor General’s 2015 recommendations be adopted, to reduce Albertans’ risk of major environmental liabilities from these projects.

Jean and Kenney set out process to form united conservative party

Press release -  Today, Wildrose Leader, Brian Jean, and PC Leader, Jason Kenney, signed a historic agreement in principle (AIP) that establishes the process to unify both parties into the United Conservative Party.

The AIP sets out how the parties will wind down their respective operations once the membership of each party has ratified the unity agreement. Ratification votes will be determined by each party in the coming weeks. Should the memberships of both parties ratify the unity agreement, the new party will immediately set out to elect a new leader.

Alberta Government - New energy rebates mean big cost savings

Goverment of Alberta - Businesses, non-profit organizations and institutions can save hundreds of dollars annually with a new energy efficiency rebate program.  Organizations and businesses can purchase and install eligible energy-efficient lighting, heating and other products to receive a rebate to a maximum of $60,000 per year, per facility on a first-come, first-served basis.

CBSA travel tips for Victoria Day

Canada Border Services Agency - The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) reminds travellers to plan ahead for their Victoria Day weekend travel plans. The CBSA is expecting higher traffic volumes throughout the holiday weekend, particularly on Sunday, May 21 and Monday, May 22.  

The Coutts port of entry is open 24-7 and has the greatest capacity to process large volumes of travellers. During peak hours, all primary inspection lanes will be open and the port will be operating at maximum capacity.

Other border crossings in southern Alberta are also expected to see larger traffic volumes on the long weekend including Chief Mountain, Carway and Del Bonita.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Two St. Michael's students to compete in the International La Dictée P.G.L

William Johnson Jr. and Sofia Citrigno

Toni Lucas - Two students from St. Michael's French Immersion classes were honoured to engage in the International La Dictée P.G.L. competition Friday, May 12 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.  This is the first year the competition is open to middle school participants, and Sofia Citrigno and William Johnson Jr., grades 7 and  8 respectively, won the right to compete in the international segment of the competition.  Both have been taking French immersion since kindergarten.

Town of Pincher Creek celebrates new columbarium

Councillor Wayne Elliott, Mayor Don Anderberg, Councillor Doug Thornton
Toni Lucas - The grand opening of the first columbarium in Pincher Creek was held at the Fairview cemetery on Friday, May 12. It's a structure which interns the cremated remains of people who have passed on. This particular construction has 72 niches, and each niche can house up to 2 persons remains if requested. Pincher creek Town Councillor Wayne Elliott said he has been pushing for one of these structures in Pincher Creek since 2004. He explained how this is an environmentally friendly option and was very happy with the classic style of the chosen building. "It looks good, and is a good option".

Alberta RCMP and ALERT reports to May 17, 2017


Pincher Creek RCMP stats to May 14, 2017
Blackfalds man faces numerous vehicle theft charges
Grande Prairie Man Faces Child Pornography Charges
Grandin area break-ins
Arson charges laid in apartment building fire
Theft from rural residence near Elk Point
Stabbing and home invasion in St. Albert
Arrest in hit and run case and series of armed robberies
Drayton Valley RCMP warn residents to lock vehicles
Beaverlodge RCMP Investigate Weekend Mischief Complaints
Jasper RCMP Investigate Attempted Fraud
Two Red Deer deaths under investigation
Investigate youth fight(s) in Spruce Grove
Peace Regional RCMP charge 3 more in fatal house fire
Red Deer RCMP investigate carjacking
Cocaine Seized in Pair of Fort McMurray Busts
Airdrie man charged in arson of own home

Pincher Creek RCMP stats to May 14, 2017

The following is an overview of the nature of the complaints that the Pincher Creek Detachment received for the period of May 8 -14, 2017. Note that the summary indicates what was reported to the police and may not have been substantiated.

Total calls for service – 38
Sexual assault - 1
Assaults – 1 
Break and Enter (residential) – 1 
Fraud / Forgery - 2 
Uttering Threats - 3
Theft under $5000 – 4 
Drugs - 2 
Disturbing the Peace - 1 
Driving complaints general) – 5 
MV Collisions - 1 
Liquor offences - 6 
Assistance to other agencies - 1 
911 calls (invalid) - 1 
Prisoners held – 7

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Change is happening in Anglican Church of Canada

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings - When the Diocese of Calgary consecrates Sidney Black as an assisting Bishop on June 3, 2017, it will occur because important changes are happening in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Since 2010, the Primate, after listening carefully to Indigenous members, invited Canada’s Anglican members to help him review the church’s policies and programs. The need was to see if they could discern the different gifts and potentials present among its members. In a Denomination known for its hierarchical style of functioning (from the top down), this decision was of major significance.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

House fire on Main Street Pincher Creek

Chief Mountain re-opens for the season, Wild Horse extending hours

Canada Border Services Agency - The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is pleased to announce that the Chief Mountain port of entry is re‑opening for the season, beginning Monday, May 15, 2017. Additionally, the Wild Horse port of entry will be extending its hours for the season on May 15.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Alberta RCMP reports to May 12, 2917

$60,000.00 vandalism spree in Whitecourt
Fatal Cadotte Lake house fire
Ponoka RCMP catch suspects with stolen property
Red Deer RCMP investigate liquor store break-in
Hit and run collision near Wabasca
Slave Lake RCMP issue warning after series of overdoses
Red Deer RCMP recent arrests
Okotoks RCMP respond to threat at local school
Four arrested in Grande Prairie drug busts
The dangers of leaving children in vehicles
Airdrie gas and dash suspect sought
Liquor store robbery in Airdrie
Grande Prairie RCMP investigate nine impaired driving incidents
Liquor store robberies in Cochrane
Large theft of square steel tubing in Red Deer
Threats at Spruce Grove Composite High School
Fort Saskatchewan RCMP lay sexual interference charges

Alberta ups fight against aquatic invasive species

Government of Alberta - The Alberta government is adding two new inspection stations and 30 new boat inspectors to aid in the ongoing fight against aquatic invasive species.  The two stations opened earlier this year at Canada Border Services Agency sites, part of precautionary efforts following the discovery of zebra mussel larvae in Montana late last year.  The province has also extended the inspection season by several weeks in spring and fall, which began in March and will last until November. Two high-priority inspection stations – at Dunmore and Coutts – have extended their hours for 24-hour service.

Alberta expands dual credit program for students

Government of Alberta - Increased provincial funding will protect and improve education for students and provide them with more opportunities to jump-start their post-secondary studies. Alberta’s dual credit program allows students to earn credits towards a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree while they are still in high school. Students can discover their career passions through a variety of learning opportunities such as trade apprenticeships, power engineering certificates, health-care aide programs and criminal justice studies.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Doris Rowledge nominated for 2017 Minister’s Seniors Service award

Doris Rowledge (file photo)
Chris Davis - On March 30 of this year Alberta Minister of Seniors and Housing Lori Sigurdson announced a new award intended to recognize a senior who has provided long-term service to their community. The MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 received a letter asking for a nomination for that award. At their May 9 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek decided to nominate Doris Rowledge for the award for her participation with the Pincher Creek Care Bears. That organization was nominated last year by the MD for the Minister's Senior Service awards as well. Pincher Creek Care Bears is a not-for-profit group established 28 years ago that facilitates transportation for seniors to Calgary and Edmonton for medical appointments. Seniors pay a small fee and the drivers volunteer their time. Care Bears receives funding from the Town and MD of Pincher Creek.
“Seniors built this province and they deserve to retire in dignity. Volunteers who give those seniors a helping hand deserve to be recognized. I am delighted that we are acknowledging those volunteers who make life better for seniors.” - Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing

Review of old wells to protect Albertans, environment

An orphan well site near Carstairs awaiting proper abandonment and reclamation
Government of Alberta - The province is working with industry and experts to find ways to better protect Albertans and the environment by improving policies for managing old oil and gas facilities.  Subject matter experts and key stakeholders will take part in roundtable discussions on improving the management of historic, current and future liabilities associated with the full life cycle of upstream oil and gas development. The review will focus on further protecting Albertans and the environment while keeping Alberta a competitive place to invest.

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