Sunday, May 7, 2017

Alberta PCs to pursue unity with Wildrose under new president

Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta - Len Thom, former PC Alberta President for Edmonton-Gold Bar and candidate for the Conservative Party of Candidate in Edmonton Strathcona in the 2015 general election, has been appointed President of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta.

“I’m honoured to receive the support of the Board and I look forward to working closely with our Leader, Jason Kenney, to executive the will of our members to create a single, free- enterprise party before the next election,” said incoming President, Len Thom. “I want to acknowledge and thank Robert Parks for stepping forward as Interim President of our party for the past month and am happy he will be staying on as VP Edmonton as we move forward with unity.”

The PCAA board, which met yesterday in Red Deer also filled 8 vacant positions:
  • Kathleen Bancroft, VP Organization
  • Linda Yargeau, VP Outreach
  • Cornie Teichrob, Finance Director North
  • Robyn Henwood, Regional Director, Edmonton North 
  • Jackie Homeniuk, Regional Director, Central Northeast 
  • Rus Matichuk, Regional Director, St. Albert
  • Tasha Schindel, Regional Director, Calgary South
  • Scott Hierath, VP South

Interim President Robert Parks also remains on the Board as VP Edmonton.

“I am happy to see Len step into the important role of President, and to other talented Albertans stepping forward to help renew our party and movement.” said PC Alberta Leader Jason Kenney. “It was great to see the Board unanimously adopted motions respecting the decision of our grassroots members to seek unity, and to prepare for a referendum of the membership on a potential unity agreement.”

A motion was unanimously adopted by the Board “recognizing the desire of the vast majority of our members participating in the leadership process to attempt to create a single free enterprise party in Alberta…”

“Party members voted overwhelmingly for unity, and I commend our Board for its clear respect for the democratic will of the members.” said Leader Jason Kenney. “At the same time, I reiterated to the Board that if we cannot reach a principled agreement with the Wildrose Party, or if the members of either party reject such an agreement, that I will do everything I can to build the PC Party as the alternative to this disastrous NDP government.”

The Board created a Referendum Committee to ensure that PC members are given the opportunity to vote directly on any unity agreement arising from discussions with the Wildrose.

“The Referendum Committee is tasked with developing an open and fair referendum process, which includes developing the referendum question, preparing ballots and developing and implementing the appropriate monitoring and oversight systems,” said Thom. “This would be the first referendum in the history of the PC Party, and we want to ensure that it is a legitimate expression of the will of our grassroots members.”

Statement of Support for the Unity Process

Recognizing the desire of the vast majority of our members participating in the Leadership process to attempt to create a single free enterprise party in Alberta, the PCAA Board support a process that includes:
  • Attempting to reach an agreement with the Wildrose concerning building a single free enterprise party.
  • Review of any substantive agreement by the PCAA Board.
  • A referendum of PCAA members on the agreement.

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