Sunday, May 28, 2017

Be still and Know that I am the Lord

Lebel Rose Garden

Shellie Byers - Early in the morning I walked to the rose garden at Lebel Mansion. The breeze gently rustled the newly birthed leaves on the trees. The air is crisp and fresh with morning dew. The birds sing praises to the Lord in the sunny sky and there is a peaceful quiet throughout the town. The breeze carries the soothing aroma of mountain air and apple blossoms. I breathe in deeply and close my eyes and say " thank you Lord for this beautiful morning."

There is such a peace and joy inside my spirit to sit quietly with God's beauty all around me. There is no manic rush to be anywhere , I do not need to focus on any particular thought and He and I can just share this moment. Sharing this time is like being with a good friend . No word needs to be spoken , you can just sit quietly enjoying each others presence. When you quiet your spirit you can feel his mighty presence and love deep inside you. There is no demand on your time and there are no expectations. Just come as you are and God will be there. Let go of any negative thoughts or emotions and appreciate being alive in the moment. 

The sun starts to pierce my skin as it rises in the sky and a train rumbles in the distance. Vehicles are starting to rush through town and soon the benevolence of this moment will be lost. I want to hold onto the serenity a bit longer. We forget to take time to "smell the roses" and be aware there is an appointed plan for our lives. We forget to give thanks to God for every aspect of the existence he has created for us physically and spiritually. A dove coos in a tree nearby and crickets are singing in the grass. It is time for me to walk back and store this moment to memory. One last deep breath of the morning air , I look toward the heavens and say to the Lord,

" Same time tomorrow ?" , and I smile sure he is smiling back.

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  1. Beautifully written and oh so very true.


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